fredag 19 juni 2009

Epic fail

Getting my Cane out of Ouelleta was a spectacular failure. Logged in just after DT and finding only three people in station of which one - apparenlty - undocked at the same time as I. In a HIC as I was totally scrambled the moment I actually saw anything outside the station. Was making some progress through the shields when his corp mate got on. Bloody hell. At least I didn't pay anything for the Cane as my benefactor built it - so it's a total gain of 30m ISK - but still ... fuck wits.

And this total chaos broke out during my abscence from anything more advanced than doing L3 missions semi-afk and shooting rocks in belts.

Apparently the alliance voted on a move from Ouelleta and in moving were bringing neutral haulers in to get shit out of there. Some dimwits - who didn't care to check intel info - kill a hauler ... twice .... For a total loss of 120m+ ISK. And then refused reburse the guy... fuckwits.

Then all emo space ships hell broke out and the alliance split in two camps and half us moved off to live happily ever after - while the other half has us as sworn deadly enemies. And that's why I lost the Cane ...

söndag 14 juni 2009


As I've been busy with a day-to-day job in IT I've been missing a lot of not so fun action. Apparently the old home system is being harassed by various dick heads (I lost my Rupture the other day trying to get home). So the alliance has decided to move on to reorganise.
Last couple of days has been spent runing through high sec and escaping Concord. Has worked so far, although today to got a couple of hits on my new Rupture.

Need to get all my loot, my Cane and Wooly E relocated, which will not be through the high sec systems on the penalty of my losing both ships and loot :( Need to check out an alternative route.