lördag 19 februari 2011

First kill for -FA-

Former allies and general shoot everything that flies, Godfathers, came visiting in our new home a pocket from V6 on out in Fountain. We had them trapped in two dead end systems and after a bit of gate camping trying to probe them down, they got reinforcements from NPC space and decided to make a run for freedom. A cry went out from our scout in a neighbouring system, and our probers at the same time - and then they all jump out of the trap.

Vagabond was called primary, bubble went up and we got him to structure when reinforcements warp in on the gate. So while I finished off the vaga we were at the same time getting the f- out off the gate. While I - again - watched as my shield and armor melted rapidly away from my poor hound...

This time I got out of the bubble with the luxury of 90% structure left. Second battle I almost died in it, but it survived - I love my trusty Wolf =)

måndag 14 februari 2011

Waiting ...

So we are moving from Convicted (A.I.F) to Fatal Ascension (FA). Will be interesting. Hopefully only a few hours left until I can undock tomorrow morning and start getting all my stuff the last few jumps. Benefactor has been doing silly missions, got a 100m+ implant as a reward, as well as a 3x blueprint of stuff 40-60m a piece. Maybe I should pod him?

And yeah, the move went all according to plan. Not a red in sight, even when flying the Noctis the last few.

söndag 13 februari 2011

Moving ...

I'm moving all my ships to a system closer to the action. After having flown 2 HACs, a battleships and a covops over to PNQY using the jump bridges from TN- I now have only a Noctis to get some 20 jumps over. The plan is:

1. Jump back to an empty clone in Geminate
2. Suicide that to get to TN- without moving a ship
3. Fly a shuttle from TN- to 9-4
3b. Load all crap into the Noctis
4. Fly the Noctis from 9-4 to PNQY
5. Set med clone to PNQY

Phew ... 6 hours to wait to jump.
And that will most likely be all that's done until Tuesday. At the end of this mini-op I'll still have a stealth bomber in 6VDT. Need to figure out the best way of getting that thing out of there ...

And yeah, almost forgot - I got myself a new HAC. Rather than the Vaga I've flown a couple of times, I had to re-ship in a hurry at one time and the only thing I thought good enough was a Muninn, sniping fit apparently. Got some solid 80-90km range on that thing ... very neat. Already got a kill on it as well, when bashing a tower in Syndicate. Need to fly it more to know how to handle it, as the name of the thing reveals "Wtf is this thing" =)

torsdag 10 februari 2011

Well the war is over

more or less anyway.
IT is ground into dust. Fountain has largely been taken, and there there is only token mop up operations to be done. Time for roams. And make iskies maybe.

I've done two recently, both in Fountain. One success full with 4 kills in the first engagement. I brought my little trusty Wolf out to null. And seeing the tank evaporate to battlecruisers and other ships I somehow managed to hold on and kill four of them before they were all itsy-bitsy. Left the field with 30% armor left - woooohoooo =)
Second roam, was on for one and a half hours - got 1 pod. Stupid targeting was bugged or whatever, maybe need to replace bits and pieces of it ... again ... And of course, just as I leave (or bit after really) there is this large battle with lots of murder and mayhem =( Bugger.

Even considering joining in the Hulkageddon, just for giggles. We'll see - there's a thrasher waiting to be fit.