söndag 27 september 2009

I'll be back :)

Murder and mayhem :) My benefactor is now firmly entrenched in his new POS in wormhole space. They are taking over a wormhole from the current occupants, so in the change over 2 weeks, they'll do research on blueprints in there. So while he is otherwise engaged, I'll slip out of station and do a bit of damage :)

fredag 31 juli 2009

Queen of the Pirates!

Well sort of.
I'm CEO of my one-woman corp. So yes, I'm queen here. It's not too hard though. I'll resign and return later on in a bit. Meanwhile my benefactors sons character will add corp and take on responsibility.

On a brighter note, I'll get my Interceptor in a bit. Wtih T2 fitting I'll be even more deadly if I get the time to go ganking =)

tisdag 28 juli 2009

Extended holiday from the Yarr

I quit my corp.

I didn't really want to but my daytime bring-money-to-table life got out of hand, and after being killed unnecessarily a couple of times I decided that enough was enough. My poor corp would look bad with me in it...

I joined my corp.

I didn't really want to at this time, but as a favour to my benefactor, I needed to start it up and do a bit of research. The research has taken me into Derelik low sec, which is home at this time in life. My new corp has it's head quarters in there as well.

Still, no low sec without an adventure. First couple of times into Dysa was a walk in the park. Last time I almost got killed. Apparently some lowlife is camping the system unbeknowst to me, and when undocking (noticing that some dozen of the systems 21 in local was in station) the aforementioned lowlife shot at me. Luckily I've trained up for this kind of situation and me and my Rifter got away from the T2 equiped Zealot in a flash and repaired in a safespot. Getting in on the gate to Arena I meet a napping Drake pilot and zip by him. No pursuit and the rest is the infamous walk in the park scenario.

Now I just need find time to go back to Jar to upgrade my ship after training for a 'dictor.

onsdag 8 juli 2009


Due to forces outside of my control, I've been forced into semi-retirement. I haven't been able to fly much - and when I've done it has ended in tears and anguish (mine that is). I've been training constantly, and skillwise I'll be able to apply to Bloodmoney any day now. But .... practice. Oh well, that's another story altoghether.

I'm going for small, fast, deadly T2 ships at the moment. My new home will know the wrath of Chiana after the holidays. I hope.

fredag 19 juni 2009

Epic fail

Getting my Cane out of Ouelleta was a spectacular failure. Logged in just after DT and finding only three people in station of which one - apparenlty - undocked at the same time as I. In a HIC as I was totally scrambled the moment I actually saw anything outside the station. Was making some progress through the shields when his corp mate got on. Bloody hell. At least I didn't pay anything for the Cane as my benefactor built it - so it's a total gain of 30m ISK - but still ... fuck wits.

And this total chaos broke out during my abscence from anything more advanced than doing L3 missions semi-afk and shooting rocks in belts.

Apparently the alliance voted on a move from Ouelleta and in moving were bringing neutral haulers in to get shit out of there. Some dimwits - who didn't care to check intel info - kill a hauler ... twice .... For a total loss of 120m+ ISK. And then refused reburse the guy... fuckwits.

Then all emo space ships hell broke out and the alliance split in two camps and half us moved off to live happily ever after - while the other half has us as sworn deadly enemies. And that's why I lost the Cane ...

söndag 14 juni 2009


As I've been busy with a day-to-day job in IT I've been missing a lot of not so fun action. Apparently the old home system is being harassed by various dick heads (I lost my Rupture the other day trying to get home). So the alliance has decided to move on to reorganise.
Last couple of days has been spent runing through high sec and escaping Concord. Has worked so far, although today to got a couple of hits on my new Rupture.

Need to get all my loot, my Cane and Wooly E relocated, which will not be through the high sec systems on the penalty of my losing both ships and loot :( Need to check out an alternative route.

lördag 23 maj 2009

Moar disappointments

Haven't had the energy to go hunting much lately. But for the few opportunities that has arised I noticed that my favourite haunt now has been taken over by piwates and other ebil beings. Not fun. Not a victim in sight for a noob like me. Especially since both times I've passed through I've been in my Rifter. Not much point in going up against PvP battlecruisers in that.

As I write this I'm waiting for two intended victims to stop hugging their stations and come out and die like real men ;-)

onsdag 20 maj 2009

Eternal podding

There's an episode in the famous Sandman epos where he escapes from the Burgess clan after being trapped for dozens of years. The punishment for Burgess muchly junior is "eternal waking" (believing himself waking up from nightmares, only to wake up in a new one).

Yesterday was like eternal podding.

My dear benefactor is in a war and was moving some of his stuff to a new location outside of previous known WT grounds. He was in a Bestower when jumped by 3 guys and their drones. Chickens.

Later during the day I joined up with one of his mates and another bunch of probably decent outlaws (or former honorable outlaws). We went on a roam in a program called "daily pop". I sneaked out of base and ended up around Orvolle waiting for the rest of the gang. Fleeted we set out for a suicide cruise down Syndicate. Due to communication failure I missed out on killing a Ishkur and later internal crew communication made me drop back. Coms sorted I set off down after the rest of the gang which now were a few jumps into Syndicate. Not knowing if the path was clear and getting system calls from my mate I jumped into lawless land. First jump clear, ship on overview.

Speeding on to the next gate I make it there jump, and ... wtf .... like a fly on flypaper. Frelling bubble up apparently.

Await inevitable end.
Await cloning station.

Why the frell do I have my cloning station 14 jumps out from my home base?

lördag 16 maj 2009

Sorry for the lack of content

Something caught up with me.
It's called "over worked in real life" I think.
Chiana is sorry to say that the RL person - the puppet master if you will - has only been able to muster energy to do a bit of "killing rocks and small red crosses in belts" lately. And taken Chianas alt out for a station camp in a war in Jita.

Chiana will be back with more news when her interface is fixed (computer disk crashed).

söndag 10 maj 2009

A day of frustrations

I just dumped my trusty Rifter for the Rupture. Added more tank and now the thing was too slow :( A noob piraty being in frig got away just because my AB was too bloody weak tangled into a bunch of roids. That might have been a bit lucky though as just seconds later a Hurricane descended on the scene. And off they warped. So I've upgraded. Earlier the reason for ditching the Rifter was another new one venturing out into low sec in a drone factory, a.k.a Thorax. Until I'm flying my BC low sec I'll keep away from those when in my Rifter. It seems though that theres been slight increase in people getting into low sec with better ships - at least where I am. So - upgrade time. Need to figure out how to set this thing up for speed though.

Earlier, my benefactor went camping in high sec as he's war deced (... again). The rag tag fleet trapped and chased a "Dictor" into a station, but the intended victim undocked with a pod and got through. His new Scorpion battleship hasn't seen any real pew pew yet, much to my benefactors great sorrow.

torsdag 7 maj 2009

I'm baack!

Hello dear future victims, Chiana is back.
Unfortunately the systems that were unpronouncable and deserted on the way out were as unpronouncable and deserted on the way back - so nothing much happened. Spent some time hunting a few (even more) minor players but they hid up when I got near. The little chickens. Now I'm pretty confident I've got the hang of the scanner so yes, I'm fairly certain they hid (last time I had this problem, any reason was a valid explanation as to why I didn't find them).

Something else recurring this time was that the autogenerated route - my own ship - tried to kill me. Looking at the 20 something jumps back home, I noticed that the last couple of dozen were a boring high sec. Checking more carefully I again got three 0.9 and at least one 1.0 systems ... jeez.

Quick change of settings to "Shortest ... ignore security".

Much better, and shorter =]

onsdag 6 maj 2009

Chiana lost in space - part 3

OK, decided to try to get home again. I've been having a bit of fun - my first null sec access. Hey guys! You aren't claiming that area for yourself I hope. You know there is a back door just two jumps off from where you usually camp. Seems a bit daft to me - watching the front door and ignoring the back one, but what do I know of 0.0-tactics.

My Rifter is no match for the rats down here at the bottom of the pit, though so no rat kills for me. I did a plex (or sorts) which I got through the first two rooms with right tactics and not much trouble, but then face a swarm of rats, as well as a swarm of real people in local so had to abort that thing. Pity the keys are consummated when entering a new room though. Anyway, there's not one DED out here, but two. It seems however that in practice there is only one - the key wielding overseer alternates between the two. Anyhoo - on the track home-ish, hopefully without too much hassle and a kill or two ... I'll rejoice in the thought of saving a mill a jump all the way home. Pity Don doesn't pay me the same, I'd be rich enough to buy my Wolf when getting back.

måndag 4 maj 2009

Chiana Lost in Space - part 2

A had a go at the plex while I was here, and after a lot of jumping in/out and keep an eye on local I finally got the key from the overseer. Not much loot, but the bounties were very nice given the level (2) of the plex. No ordinary rats these. Buying a better armor tank I'll be a grapling with these rats again. Due to where this is (Tamo is 0.3) I'll have a small window very early EVE time to get these over and done with. I'll go out and fetch the new armor in a few hours.

Chiana lost in space - part 1

I tried retracing our steps from yesterday, but I ended up in suburb to godknowswhere called Tamo. I set out from Eugler in my little frigate late Monday afternoon after stocking up on a few thousand rounds of ammunition. The thought was to get to my favourite haunt where we killed the Brutix the day before. Unfortunately, without maps (as I was to lazy to bring Ombeys excellent work in that regard) I was soon lost.

So wandering around space, drifting aimlessly from unknown, unpronouncable and muchly deserted system to the next unkonwn, as unpronouncable and as deserted system I found myself wishing for anything to happen. Encouraging words of "no, that's not on the map matey" from my corp mates and seeing no one (except for a fleeting glimpse of a alliance companion) to ask the way I all of a sudden found myself in Black Rise. And here I find, on the ships map system, the first traces of something interesting a null sec area. Unfortunately the first obvious entry point is heavily guarded and camped, as is evident by the number of ships killed. Completely lost in low sec I suddenly saw land, the "Isla de la Muerta" of the endless, lawless sea of (as it now was) Lonetrek low sec. Three or four empire systems suddenly lay before me, and reaching the first I thought I was in Turtuga. Bustling with life, the system was all of a sudden filled with gazillions (well at least 8) low sec pirates, mercs and hard core industrialists. It was like stumbling in on a scene from Pirates of the Caribean. Befitting that impression was the fact that the only other systems with ship kills was "Isla de la Muerta". This would have been a very nice time of actually been able to walk in station or visit planets or the like. I could have killed for the opportunity, a beer or whatever. Not able to I hope I didn't catch anything on the way here, as one of the areas I passed through had the ominous name of "Malariya", at the same as they were talking talking about Dengue fever on the radio.

But my goal was null sec. Studying the ships maps, whatever the state they are in, I seemed to have found a way past the heavily camped gate, going in a roundabout route down to the cryptically named systems, more akin to register plates than the friendly Turtuga, that signifies 0.0. On my way there, I had to dock up in Tamo for the night, finding in the process that there was a level 2 DED complex in this system. But I saved that for another day.

söndag 3 maj 2009

An ebil piwate :}

Family thinks I'm an ebil piwate. Really. My son, an avid WoW player thinks its ebil putting an Brutix out of its misery. Well, my take on that is that if the Brutix pilot misconfigures a perfectly good battlecruiser and takes it low sec - he's getting what's coming to it. Me and a corp mate were out and up to no good when we got my favourite system of late. Everything good (to me) happens here for some reason. Jin then says "Brutix on scan" and later "On top station", so after decrypting the messages I set off to the top station. And find Jin and the Brutix staring each other down. Apparently the Brutix got away from Bloodmoney trainees, even killed one of them. We sat there looking at each other for a few secs. For some reason he didn't think to dock, protected by sentry guns. I mean, jumping a ship with two cruisers just doesn't work in sentry gun range. Seriously wounded the pilot instead took the ship down a roid belt. Baad decision.

We warped in, scrambled and that was the end of the poor thing. At least he managed to warp his pod off before I got a lock on it. Decent loot was shared by both anyway. All those hours ratting and missioning down the .... I'm even further down the road to -5 now. But what the ... the main thing is having fun.

I'm waiting for my Cane to be T2 fit before taking her down low sec. That'll give me time to get all supporting skills up as well. And get an insurance... 10 mil insurance is a bit insane I think. Oh well. But maybe not as insane as I would be if I lost an uninsured battlecruiser. More missions coming up with a bit of money I hope. My Pink Roach will handle those easily...

My Cane arrived

My trusted benefactor got my Cane delivered. He built it himself so is happy with that. I'm happy too, really happy. I'll be deadlier than ever. Especially as I'm training Gunnery V and will be done in a week. Now I've finally got something to go in gangs with, or something. At first, while I get all my skills on par I'll use it as a mission boat. Only got a lot of loot (or my benefactor has) so need to do a kind of weird setup that not something you'd want to PvP in. Now is the time to start looking for the setup, it'll have to be T1 for the time being though. And insurance, and decoration. Why not a pink Cane? Nice :) With flowers on.

Coming to think of it looks a bit like a roach. Hehe, my pink roach is going to spread fear into it's enemies :)

EVE blog roll

Just got a nice message from CrazyKinux, this blog is now on the EVE blog roll. Nice - on my way to alternative fame and glory :) Or not. Which is more likely.

Many a thanks though.

torsdag 30 april 2009

Missions, missions, missions ...

I'm so poor I need to do missions. Well, truth be told - I need a sec rise as well to get the Cane my benefactor built for me. He can't fly the thing, and I'll blow up spectacularly on my way back. Once I have it though - I can start killing stuff again :)
But missions are so boring - although I'm up to level 2 mishes at least, so getting slight increase in income. Which is good.

The war ended - so I only need worrying about rats and sentry guns now. I had to stop doing the Epic Arc for the time being is a relocation took me through two 1.0 systems and umpteen 0.9 ones. Heh, I could go through there with a shuttle, but actually doing the mission in one, would be a bit too suicidal even for me. So I turned to a lowly common agent for whom I've been doing things the last few days. Now on to greener pastures, once I get to level 3 my sec status should have been raised enough to actually use the Cane as a mission ship.

måndag 27 april 2009

Epic mission arc

My benefactor had a mate in his previous corp that did the epic mission arc. At the time, he thought it quite far away from where he was, and he also probably had to train diplomacy a bit to be able to complete. I on the other hand don't have that problem :) Doing it during a war dec, with a substantial sec hit, is another thing all together...

A new thrill; will I be blown up by war targets, sentry guns or rats?

Being blown up by intended victims is only an occupational hazard - this is new. Nice thing to do while training all the skills I've got books for though.

söndag 26 april 2009


I'm taking some time out from killing stuff at the moment. I feel I need to train my supporting skills a bit, and do a few missions as well as kill a few rats (rats are not stuff, they're lemmings). I'll be back ...

Meanwhile my benefactor has been down his second wormhole. From a high sec system he scanned down the wormhole leading to a class 3 wh-space system. At first it all seemed quiet, but using probes he found a nest of Sleepers. Got to kill off a couple of them, but then they started getting pissed and birnging out their battleships he got out of there. He says he never wanted a battleship himself until now. May even go get the goddam fugly Raven just because...

onsdag 22 april 2009


Got home late yesterday and thought I'd end the day with a bit of damage dealing. Scanned down and found a Caracal in system, but the little turd got out his drones (both of them) and I ended up being badly spanked. Got myself a new Rifter this morning. Going to work on my skills a bit.
I've got a couple of skill lists from PvP corps to work from. Went on a shopping spree and got a gazillion books to use.

Apart from that the only thing I got out of it all was a sore bum and a sec hit. Sulking ...

söndag 19 april 2009

War! What is it good for?

Some of our guys poped a battleship the other day. :)
Apparently the poped party didn't think it was :)
Apparently only they may have :) poping battleships.
So they war deced us. :S
Mynxee wrote some time ago about Hellcats being war deced, and was a bit confused, like "Hey, we're pirates - we're in low sec. Shoot away. Why war dec? Whats the point?"

It's like, "Heads up guys, we're out to get you". Well thanks, I'll be even more paranoid (dunno if it's possible, I'll give it a try).

Was trying to do something about my sec status by doing a few missions and after a gazillion level 1s I got a boost. + 0.01.... oh well. Apparently, as a corp mate pointed out, I need some more skills for this to mission grinding to actually matter. I'm off to get it before war kicks in.

lördag 18 april 2009

The thankless task - take 2 and a life without ISK

I'm getting to develop a fav hunting ground. The guy I scanned down the other day and todays ground breaking kill - my first destroyer - both happened in the same system. First stumbled in on a Probe loitering about in the roid belts, but before I got a lock on that one (should I go scrambler or disruptor? With a disruptor I'd had two kills already) it warped off. Then in on scan came the Cormorant. Apparently rating, but got mixed up in a fight with King rat (a Corpi Baron). Apparently thought it'd take it on and was getting to look pear shaped when I simply helped it out of it's misery. Poor Cormorant, mishandled like that. I should really send half my kill mail to King Rat (nice book by the way - the one by China Mieville that is).

Then locked up the pod, but Mr Noob didn't reply to my friendly reminder of a possibility of saving his pod. Not even a slight touch by autocannon got him out of a chocked silence. With King Rat constantly blasting away (although not near hiting anything; Rico indirectly pointed out yesterday that they are not as horribly threatening as they may seem) and time running on I helped Mr Noob to reincarnation.

And now, Ouch, hurty ..., I'm barred from 1.0 sec system :)

Still no more ISK though :( First ransom attempt down the drain. Which means more utterly tediously, boring (but hopefully) bloody missions... god, I hate missions. Let the lemmings stand up to be counted...

torsdag 16 april 2009

Thankless task

Found a Tristan in system today, scanned it down and warped in. ([Insert diety] I'm getting better at this) approached and scrambled the little bugger. Attacked - in the run in I had to get past a cruiser rat firing away, apparently the victim didn't notice for some reason... Halfway into armor it happened. As I had the disruptor mounted rather than the scrambler (+1 rather than +2) the victim managed to warp out and become unvictim - to me. Apparently he warped to another roid belt (bad move), where he rapidly became victim of another pirate :( Couldn't have been much of a sport without shield and most of the armor ...

Hey! You should send half the killmail to me .... :)

onsdag 15 april 2009

Grim times ahead

My benefactor is looking for a new corp. Woe me, woe me :( The begging and stealing just lost half the strategy. There are grim times on the horizon. I'm hungry.

måndag 13 april 2009

Another one bites the dust

It was some time ago I posted. Now, with a second kill - this time of the mighty noobship (wasn't really aware that that was I was killing off) I feel like posting. A couple of days ago I was roaming my fav places in Placid and had trapped a cruiser, when it simply warped off. Due to my overly consumption of spirits at dinner, I had forgot to scramble the thing and kicked myself for a few hours over that. Especially as a destroyer simply warped off at first site a few moments later. Apparently a different coloured background on overview is enough to scare people off nowadays. Chickens :)

It's been a fairly meager week for the corp though. Not too many kills. So I'm still hard of cash - and helped my benefactor hauling ore for an hour or so, got a courier contract for my trusted Wooly Elephant (which I got out of Auner) to just make a few ISK. It was while getting Wooly out of Auner I took a peek at my old home ssytems. And found a noob mining around in Resbroko. Totally not paying attention until it was all too late. He saved his pod though.

If this cash crises continues for much longer I'll have to resort to running missions again. Otherwise my plan is to wait for -1.0 then do a bit of missioning.

onsdag 8 april 2009

Another kind of flashy thing

Lesson 1: Don't trust anyone in low sec. (Well corp mates are OK hopefully)
Todays lesson is: Lose all carebear attitude if you intend to stake out a criminal career.
Particularly don't attack noobs too near high sec gates.

Flash .... where is ship?
Oh well, standing is now -0.4 :)

(Pity the pirate noob.... or not)

tisdag 7 april 2009

1st kill :)

I'm sooo proud. My first killmail in the career and a minus standing to boot :). Kestrels simply aren't for lowsec, my benefactor says. Decent high sec mission boat for level 1 - no more. What happened today was that I stumbled into a roaming gang. Some 3-5 pretty hardcore pirates in higher tech ships were in system, or rather jumped into system seconds after I undocked. Had good use of my safe spots there. Jumping into neighbouring systems, they were there too. So thought the morning venture was a waste, but still gave it another try as I noticed there was a highsec indy corp member in system, somewhat less noob than me. Eventually the roaming gang left, and the indy came back ratting in low sec.

What went down was almost identical to what happened when I got podded some days back. Although she had managed to finish off the rats and was looting when I struck. Never had the chance of getting a defence in order probably, might be she never saw what happened until it was all over. Never relax in low sec. Ever.

måndag 6 april 2009

I'm such a frelling noob :(

My first golden egg found today, and I let it slip away. Going hunting in my new home area, and while setting up a few safe spots I stumble in on a system where the first thing I see is a flashy red ship. Off onto a moon - then the insight hits me....

Shit he was in a pod.
I let a handsome ransom off like that.
WTF am I doing???

Back to the gate where I saw my ransom, and a few secs before I get there he leaves the system. Where did he frelling go? Searched all three possibilities, but no where in either system. He got away...

I'm such a frelling noob :(

Before that I found victims in another system, but the were probably roaming together so it wasn't an option in my little eggshell... A day full disappointments so far.
And they continued. Later on during the day I went hunting for another noob in a Probe. I saw him three times, and all three times he got away. The last time he managed to warp before I got lock and could scramble him. A wee bit miffed with the day then.

Oh and btw, I got the video "Clear Skies" and watched it all. You should be able to not look too closely as the technical irregularities (character motion etc) are obvious if you do, but otherwise are really fine effort. And, and I didn't know this, its around my old home systems in the Metropolis/Heimatar area. Neat. And god Ravens are fugly.

lördag 4 april 2009

New corp?

Following my untimely death and resurrection and two subsequent unsuccessful hunts, I again reinvestigated getting into a corp that can show me the road to killing mastery. And I'm in a new corp. At the moment based not very far from my current home base, so will be able to keep an eye on the goingson in Metropolis as well. This time it's a part time pirate corp, looking better that far.

torsdag 2 april 2009

Podded :(

The bastard podded me. ME! Chiana! Outragous ... :)
Thing went down as follows: two noobs in the system today. I went after one of them but he apparently got podded before I found him. Then the second guy turns up, and I go after him. Don't find him at first so go to belt where attacked by rats. Then Mr Noob turns up. Back to base to regen, and out to find him again, but not around. Got attacked by more rats and the Mr not so much noob jumps me. Cheating that is. They were two of them, that's not fair :)

My bullets got your name on 'em Mr not noob....

onsdag 1 april 2009

Went hunting

My first hunt today. Noob didn't know how lucky it was. The prey holed up somewhere (because it def wasn't me not knowing how the scanner works, oh no, can't be, at all) and I had to leave for other duties. Still the apetizer did show what a rush of adrenalin the Real Thing (TM) might be once it happens.

Welcome back little noobie, come to mama Chiana :)

Settled in again

I'm back in my neck of the woods, so to speak. A brief visit to my old home, and some mission running for the Thukkers. Would be a suitable restart to my Minmatar area. Contacted "the other corp" again. We'll see if anything comes of it - else another campaign is on the cards. Could have died for the first time today. Managed to mis-dial a guy in a neighbouring corp and seeing that he was a "real pirate" and was camping my station could have died horribly instead of completing the mission I took. Guy must have been a morning mood. Not warmed up enough - or it's my neat bio putting people on the wrong footing. Whatever, thanks mate. I did manage to bring my Wooly into lowsec, so now I've got my new loot with me as well.

tisdag 31 mars 2009

Preparing to say goodbye?

I'm recovering all my stuff from all over the place. Spent a good part of the day going to a system 24 jumps out, only to discover that all it had was my noob ship and it's crap equipment. Memory, memory. ... :( 24 jumps back to collect my first frig instead. Assembling everything now in Amarr space. Deciding to take the jump to reapproach my other corp or not... Risky, no return thingie mefear. But anyway, I'm moving out - if there is to be no action, I'd rather have it solo rather than as a drowned rat in an overstuffed corp. Still I've got a new toy to play with during my stay - an industrial. Impressive specs too. Bye bye safe empire? We'll soonish know.

Late last night I stumbled into a gatecamp when trying to get to my - now probably slightly cobwebby - home. My plan was to bring Wooly Elephant into a lowsec system, unload my smaller boats there and start moving things down home. So I docked in the nearest highsec system, unloaded one of the boats and checked my star maps. WTF? 14 ships down in the last hour? Here? It's usually quiet here. OK, no way of getting through here I think, especially not with Wooly E. Move on to the lesser entry point. Same dance, doc, unload, check map. Hmm, not as bad, 1 downed ship I can live with, doesn't mean it's at the gate. Weird there is a gazillion pilots in the system though.... it's usually fairly quiet here as well, although this is a slightly more risky entry system. But what the - recon time. In my smaller boat I went to gate, it all started with the fairly obvious giveaway of a very obvious pirate spy on the empire side of the stargate (note to pirate corp - do put a trainee as spy, it's not so bleedin' obvious what's going to happen) sitting near the gate but at least moving away from it to give the temporary impression of someone leaving rather than camping. What the f... I jumped, and the few moments of blackness lifted to reveal - the entire overview filled with pirate ships, drones and their ilk. Pick a station at random and get the fuck out to it. Close shave there. Wonder who they were, in hindsight - it might have been these guys who camped the first system, bringing the stats way up. Could have been as safe to go through there as it usually is...

måndag 30 mars 2009

Perfecting a kill

Waiting for something to happen, I got round to do a bit of belt ratting. Which is incredibly boring unless you try to perfect your PvP technique for you smallest ship. Which is a speed freak really. Amazingly blazing thing, although it needs to be as if it is hit by a paper clip it disintegrates, leaving you out in the cold dark. Rats are a no-brainer though, the only thing remotely amusing with rating, is the time you manage to down them in. At least in highsec. Lowsec is a different matter altogether. We don't have battleship rats in highsec. Oh well Oh well.

I talked to someone yesterday. Looking to go nullsec another road. This one seems to lead absolutely nowhere. And slowly at that. So this being belongs to a nullsec corp which could mayhaps would take me on with a corpmate living in lowsec at the moment. Lets see whatever comes of that. I'm not too optimistic though.

fredag 27 mars 2009

Mission running in PvP setup

It's an interesting thing. One on one is no problem. However, try taking on a whole gang when the optimal range is c 500 m. Hehe, not too easy. I'm going completely bonkers over here, wher absolutely nothing happens really. Methought it would be a bit more orgagized but it's still more or less a corp waiting for your own stuff to happen. Which is training. There's an op on tomorrow. If I'm not able to get in on that I'm outa here I think.

måndag 23 mars 2009

Been a bit quiet here of late

Which is because not much has been happening as yet. I am still trying to get up to speed in this corp and waiting for some training classes in which I can participate. So far no such luck. But I'm willing to give a few more before chucking things in.

The worst part of this all is the mission running. In high sec no less. God it's boring. There's an op coming up this week apparently anyway - so maybe that add some little action. At least it'll be a break from tedious missions. Cows for Gods sake, cows - shipping frelling cows across systems.... The horror of it all ...
Bring back the dolls.

fredag 20 mars 2009

In training again

Back to school sort of. Need to get a cash flow and know-how for my future career path. So I decided to go to a training corp for null sec deployment. That'll hopefully be interesting. So far I've been reading up on materials, mails etc for the corp. There'll be some extensive training before going null sec, apparently, so not quite sure how much I can report from here. They are rather strict with that shit. As long as I'm here and do the wrong thing I "just" get chucked out. Later on shot on sight and podded. Good fucking luck to that then.

Nice :-) I'll note that for the future.

torsdag 19 mars 2009

Don't trust anyone - not even your computer

There's a piece of wisdom I picked up just now. You autopilot setting may be wrong, or influence the course you get when select "Set destination" or whatever. Going from Resbroko to Taff its suggestion was to kill me. Going Hror-Hek-Uttindar-Bei-KABOOM as Hagilur had a 10+ destroyed ships, 15 active pilots and 3+ podded people in the last hour. WTF, 2001 all over? Lucky I was awake (but not awake enough to see I was already in Resbroko, my fav border system). The other route - which is entirely low sec, is (strangely enough) usually much more secure. Check your settings, check your map, check local, scan your environment = stay alive (for at least 1+ week) in low sec.

Then someone suggested going ratting in Taff. Unknown person, unknown risk = good chance of getting podded. Oh well another day when I feel a bit more suicidal mayhaps.

Might take a brake from the pirate path

For a time, I applied to a corp to learn a bit about low/null sec and PvP. Lets see if anything comes of it. Until now, I've done a bit exploring around here, a bit of thieving, a bit of (boring) mission running. Nothing that brings any ginormous amounts of much needed cash. Stumbled upon the legend that is Mynxee, and close by the map says 2 ships blown up in the last hour. Coincidence? Fuck that. Headed other way. Waiting for answer a few days. See what happens.

Didn't need to wait long. Now debating whether to follow up on it or not. Need to be seen as post-graduate schooling for my intended occupation later on I guess.

onsdag 18 mars 2009

Petty thief

I graduated business school, but end up a petty thief. Oh well, there are ways to manage this as well - in another world they're known as La famiglia, among other things. Life's strange. But perhaps I should look what at from whom I nick. Managed to nick from a corp with a 500 mill bounty guy in it. And he was out the next roid belt too. Hehe, slight hickup. Nah, fuck that - what ever happens is carma. Not much you can do about it.

Second time targeted today too and another night with downed and podded ships in the system. Not as wild as the other day though. Need to get a cash flow going - need to step up the "bad things". Or mine the Hedbergite around here. Or both. Probably both. Most likely both. Maybe.

måndag 16 mars 2009

Mission grind commences

Did two missions on the morning, one in Taff and one in Uilkin. Appart from blowing up pathetic rats, you have to keep and eye on local to see whoever is in the system, and not linger more than necessary. Fortunately this neck of the universe is more or less friendly most of the time. Apart from yesterday. Inspired by the war in Delve hell seem to have erupted in my area as well. Apparently however, Nakugard, which had the shitload of podkillings is in Empire space, although close by. So probably was a war dec being played out there. Today I've seen three people total - probably the survivors of yesterdays events :) Or not. Whatever.

Anyway halfway decentish pay for starter missions today but it's heck doing it in a "blow shit up" fitting. My pathetic guns need a range of like 5K but then they really do damage. Unfortunately being surrounded by umpteen rats also causes a bit of damage... Eventually fit a medium armor repper to complete the noob hunting kit, but absolutely do need longer range guns for missions.

I found a roid belt with some decent amount of Hedbergite as well today, I'll need to get my other ship back from Empire to fit as a miner and go get some cash.

Chat among rats

Training continues and now my "blow shit up ship" is getting to be a bit of a menace to rats. At least those less than battleships. At least those less than battle cruisers, of which I still haven't found any. For some reason. Dunno why.

So went in search for high sec rats. And found a few which was disposed as quickly as possible. But I need something a bit more long range than my autocannons. These are pretty pathetic, although killing off rats is a no-brainer even with these mounted. My thought was devilishly cunning, but unfortunately the plan failed. I got to a system where someone else was rating, but came just a sec after me. We had a short chat there among the roids. Apparently he'd been chased out of Resbroko by a gang. Not too kind a thing to do I think.... Either he was chased or the chicken got him :) Dunno which. Having seen the usually deserted part of this low sec area, prolly the latter.

Having said that it seems that my home system is populated by the entire population of German mercs. But Taff is usually pretty quite, dunno what they're up to today. Possibly never will know either. Oh well, tomorrow will be another attempt at noob catching.

Pretty interesting, scary stuff goes down here at the moment. For the first time since I moved in here someone tried to pick me off. Checked him out, 25 mill bounty guy. Going after little me... almost pathetic if it wasn't a bit scary - but I got away. Something is definately going down though. Might be that Mr Chicken was pretty right about things in the end. There has been a bunch of ship kills round the system Egmar counts 3 and Resbroko, my usual entry point, as many, all within the last hour. And Nakugard has more than 20 poddings the last hour. Holeing up, covering under a blanket and putting out all candles around the place. No telly tonight. I'm not a home, so don't call. Someone might hear.

söndag 15 mars 2009

A new ship

I got myself a "blow shit up" ship. Which makes me wonder about the ship designers in this universe. This one, I've got now, looks like as if a 18th century warship and an Israeli Uzi met and had a child together. The Bestower looks like a medieval trading ship turned up side down, sans rigging. The Raven - the ever so popular BS - is simply fugly. Damn fugly even. I'll never have one - you may shoot me if I'm ever found in one. It's that ugly.

I've gotten myself into a stash of loot. Won't have to buy ammo for a bit anyway. Which is good. Got a lot of other stuff to play with and fit this beast I've got. So my training queue is up to Tuesday lunch or something like that. Then I'll really be a menace to all misguided noobs on auto into my home. :->

fredag 13 mars 2009


I killed someone, Enlil Bel, is no more.
I got that on contract, but apparently my client changed his mind when it was already too late.
As he said - "What have I done?"

Chasing dolls

I think I'm going to drop my current agent. I've been chasing dolls for four missions now, and mining for dolls in one gaining a total of 25 units of Veldspar. And a doll. And not enough money to make it worthwhile really. Hopefully I'll find another low sec agent shortly.

Talking of money, I found a stash of dead rats in here today. Was about to relieve them of their cargo when the rightful owners appeared on the overview. Getta the heck out of there. Not healthy playing shoplifting (ratlifting?) in 0.1 sec when sitting in this duct tape wreck of a ship. Oh well, oh well my time will come. Need to figure out how to make some cash in this low sec "pocket". Getting slightly desperate and starving. Not really up to join a corp in here just yet. In a few I'm piloting a cruiser anyway so mayhaps I'll go into a bit of "blowing shit up-ing".

Oh my.... I'm a thief, I stole stuff from wrecks. But what is a poor girl to do in a harsh lawless world without any means of making money. I am forced to steal stuff like ammo for my ship and various things to improve it. Can't afford to buy it.
Oh shit ....
............ I'm a thief :-)

My benefactor is moving base so I might be a little late with the next report. But hopefully not. Oh shit - there's a really bad man in here at the moment. I'm holeing up for the time being. Hope to see you later.

tisdag 10 mars 2009

Close encounter with a rat

Usually rats aren't a problem. Just use a bit of rat poison or a cat. Or fly a decent ship. In low sec, as I came to understand today, a decent ship is something a wee bit closer to a battle cruiser than the piece of junk I'm hauling about at the moment.

Short note to self
"Don't go rating in a frig. Train to at least a cruiser. Pester benefactor for more cash."

I'm almost not hauling the junk around anymore, but am still stuck to it. So after making the mental note I went off rating in my home system. And I got one! I almost got caught myself, but still... I'm soooo proud - my first low sec rat :) (Why does this make me feel like Gollum fishing?)

Did a bit more exploring today too. In one system I found an active gate to a room filled with annoyed rats. All of them aggroed at the same time. Got the hell out of there.

Short note to self
"Come back with something closer to a battlecruiser and teach the rats proper behaviour."

Went down into .2 sec - extremely uneventful. I see people in local chat. And that's the only place I see them. Or rather him/her. Again it's almost empty around this system. It's like moving around in a ghost system, the Bermuda triangle of this area or something alike. Scary.

This surely can't go on, or it's mine for the taking. (She said hybriotically, 2 days old in low sec).

måndag 9 mars 2009

Life of a Pirate Queen

This blog will be about my life as a pirate queen. (As if you haven't got that already).

My ultimate goal in life is to manage a trading/mining/r&d corporation somewhere in low sec. By reading this blog you will know how I succeed. I graduated from business school just a week ago, and inspired by a friend of my benefactor quickly headed off into unknown territory. I am currently living somewhere in Metropolis, which, at least for the time being, seems like a decent place to start my career. It is, barely, Minmatar low sec, but still quite empty of people (at least as far as I've had the time to explore). This leads to a - probably - false sense of security. As there are fewer people around here than in a mid sized corp chat, you tend to gate jump without checking pod kills and such trivial issues. Anyway, when venturing closer to more contested space, that needs to end I guess. I've got quite a bit of exploring to do around here first though.

Still, it feels a bit cool, jumping in and out of Empire space like it's nothing to it. Pitty there are no other noobs around to watch this mindless bravado. I noticed yesterday that someone was camping one of the gates to a .4 sec system. Had him in systems trailing a bit behind but I managed to keep one step ahead of him all the way home. That's the upside of having a fast ship, although I need to fix it up so the cap doesn't shut down every two secs or so (my ship, by the way, reminds me of a Farscape episode in which one of the characters had a junk yard ship - and, much like this one, it shut down at irregular and highly inconvenient times). If it was me he was after even, I don't know. Another upside of being noob and having a junk yard ship is that it matters shit if I get blown up. The value of this thing is such that my benefactor could pay for dozens of the silly things in a mornings mining session.

There are quite enough mineral resources close by my station so eventually - if I decide to stay - it could be that it is a very good place to put up something of my own. Who knows. Getting into low sec mining would probably be an easy way of getting a bit of cash flow (apart from blowing up noobs mishappenly dropping into low sec). So far I've gotten by with a donation from someone in another corporation. But as I am completing my first set of missions I am starting to make a bit of cash on my own.

More will follow shortly. I've only been around for a day yet.