söndag 26 december 2010

Day 1 - second outing

And there goes my Hound ... should have bought a second set of mods when I was at it tbh. Now I've got a hull, and assorted mods, but not a space worthy Hound. A pity, oh well at least I can give parts away to mates who might be able to assemble something of it - and sell the Hound if the worst comes to the worst.

We made the news at least : http://www.evenews24.com/2010/12/26/nc-revolt-c0nvicted-attacks-dem0n-hunters/

and battles are now 1-1 only because RAGE are incompetent enough not to handle a much smaller alliance on their own. It's actually pretty pathetic, I think we had 60+ vs 220+ when we had the second encounter. And a large part of that was NC allies, like MM, Systematic Cha0s, Mostly Harmless and other lesser enteties .... not. Truly pathetic. Well, RAGE is one alliance I won't join - please remind me of it if need be. I now know how it might have felt when my benefactors first null alliance got chucked out of Insmother ...

First strike

So we attacked first. Turned Demon Hunters red and attacked 4KON. Lucky I got all my shopping out of their outpost before (I think it was theirs ...). Things turned a bit interesting null politics wise with an attack on Geminate from Drone regions and an attack from within NC space.

Unfortunately couldn't contribute all the time. Back for more action later.

lördag 25 december 2010

Tomorrow we are game

So, it's back to the roots again eh?
Bring it on then ... Chiana has done this before. The carebear is out of harms way for now. All valueble assets (that ratting Maelstrom is something like 200m+ even if not faction fit, and the skillbook is also in empire) - damn I sold one for 130m in Cloud Ring, me and business ... It took a bit of a gamble and a pair of scout eye to get big slow Maelstrom out the door. Fortunately the pipe from LR to Aldik is short and has been fairly quiet during early holiday days. Still a few nerve wrecking moments with an afk-neut (who might or might not come alive) and another couple of hostiles in Eurgrana who were not on the gates. The afk cloaky neut is flying a Loki by the way. I happened to gather that, didn't pass it on. Let the fucktards find that out by themselves.

Got a few cheap ships still in Geminate, nothing to feel sorry for if/when they go poof ... Question is now what the carebear is going to do for a living. As the CEO said, it didn't exactly turn out as planned ...

We'll see how the plans with the alliance and with the budding indy section fares through all this. Won't do much anyway during the next few holi days =) OK, so - so far the top alliance beings have been still pretty quiet about everything, I still don't know exactly what's going on, and why and when things will be happening - apart from that tomorrow there is one planned op.
I am discovering - the hard way - that C0nvicted is not -7- I just wish it wasn't so bleeding obvious.

Oh well ... let the hostilities commence ...

onsdag 22 december 2010

Almost Christmas and frell I know what is going on

O, joyous period of the year is approaching. Not. Rather than merriment and hostilities, it's frell I know what and hostilities.

Geminate - the place in space we currently call home is being invaded. It was clear that is would happen from the start. Drone russians thought Geminate would be a good Christmas gift to their guys (and gals). About the same time the russian invasion starts, RAGE thinks it is a good time to chuck C0nvicted out of Geminate...

The reasons why are .... let's say slightly obscure. And C0nvicted top guys seriously lacks communications skills .... Everything will be explained on Friday is the now too familiar explanation as to why the f* we should evac. Or not. Or what the hell. I don't know. I guess I'll try to find a contract to get my ratting ship out then. That's about all I've managed to get in so far. Oh, and then there is the rumour that we are out of NC (which seems logical as we are there as guests of RAGE). But checking my old corp - we are still blue. So no reset. Yet.
Then we had a rumour that RAGE changed their minds and we are not to be chucked out after all. Maybe.

And then there is the comforting thought that NC is going to drop a fleet on us any second. Althoguh I believe NC is involved in Fountain at the moment, which is at the other end of their space.

Null politics at their muddiest.

It's all very confuddling - there's an invasion of Geminate going on, and no one gives a sh** even if they should - maybe - save their home space - or RAGEs home space or NCs southeastern border, or whatever it is.

Come Christmas Eve we know, maybe. I'll know Christmas Day. I might be surrounded in red space when I sign on next =)

tisdag 14 december 2010

A new start

First things first.
The war against againt Ev0ke (or eJoke as they were called) is over. -7- took over large parts of Cloud Ring, and Ev0ke left to harass other parts of the universe. Lots of fights was had, and the benefactor eventually settled on flying logistics. And stopped losing ships.
DRK ended up with a two systems in Cloud Ring, a gazillion POSes that needed constant feeding and good ratting. Also, lots of pew.

Unfortunately most of it were in times, this being was asleep.

So ended up ratting. A lot. Easy ISK making given 3-5 1.2 BS rats. But in the end a bit boring. And my benefactor managed to lose or misplace his hulk. So ...

To cut a lot of unnecessary text, I'm back in my first corp. Sons of Odin ... EU-based pirates, going null sec. There are apparently a couple of options, one being getting back into Pure Blind =) Which is a bit ironic as DRK moved out of that space ... If that's where we end up it'll be partaking in the Fountain campaign I guess. In EU-time hopefully. That'll be interesting.

Apparently also, SoO will put up a indy operation. I guess dear benefactor will enjoy carebearing in null again. He'll just have to stop misplacing his hulks. And get that Rorqual he has trained for...