torsdag 30 april 2009

Missions, missions, missions ...

I'm so poor I need to do missions. Well, truth be told - I need a sec rise as well to get the Cane my benefactor built for me. He can't fly the thing, and I'll blow up spectacularly on my way back. Once I have it though - I can start killing stuff again :)
But missions are so boring - although I'm up to level 2 mishes at least, so getting slight increase in income. Which is good.

The war ended - so I only need worrying about rats and sentry guns now. I had to stop doing the Epic Arc for the time being is a relocation took me through two 1.0 systems and umpteen 0.9 ones. Heh, I could go through there with a shuttle, but actually doing the mission in one, would be a bit too suicidal even for me. So I turned to a lowly common agent for whom I've been doing things the last few days. Now on to greener pastures, once I get to level 3 my sec status should have been raised enough to actually use the Cane as a mission ship.

måndag 27 april 2009

Epic mission arc

My benefactor had a mate in his previous corp that did the epic mission arc. At the time, he thought it quite far away from where he was, and he also probably had to train diplomacy a bit to be able to complete. I on the other hand don't have that problem :) Doing it during a war dec, with a substantial sec hit, is another thing all together...

A new thrill; will I be blown up by war targets, sentry guns or rats?

Being blown up by intended victims is only an occupational hazard - this is new. Nice thing to do while training all the skills I've got books for though.

söndag 26 april 2009


I'm taking some time out from killing stuff at the moment. I feel I need to train my supporting skills a bit, and do a few missions as well as kill a few rats (rats are not stuff, they're lemmings). I'll be back ...

Meanwhile my benefactor has been down his second wormhole. From a high sec system he scanned down the wormhole leading to a class 3 wh-space system. At first it all seemed quiet, but using probes he found a nest of Sleepers. Got to kill off a couple of them, but then they started getting pissed and birnging out their battleships he got out of there. He says he never wanted a battleship himself until now. May even go get the goddam fugly Raven just because...

onsdag 22 april 2009


Got home late yesterday and thought I'd end the day with a bit of damage dealing. Scanned down and found a Caracal in system, but the little turd got out his drones (both of them) and I ended up being badly spanked. Got myself a new Rifter this morning. Going to work on my skills a bit.
I've got a couple of skill lists from PvP corps to work from. Went on a shopping spree and got a gazillion books to use.

Apart from that the only thing I got out of it all was a sore bum and a sec hit. Sulking ...

söndag 19 april 2009

War! What is it good for?

Some of our guys poped a battleship the other day. :)
Apparently the poped party didn't think it was :)
Apparently only they may have :) poping battleships.
So they war deced us. :S
Mynxee wrote some time ago about Hellcats being war deced, and was a bit confused, like "Hey, we're pirates - we're in low sec. Shoot away. Why war dec? Whats the point?"

It's like, "Heads up guys, we're out to get you". Well thanks, I'll be even more paranoid (dunno if it's possible, I'll give it a try).

Was trying to do something about my sec status by doing a few missions and after a gazillion level 1s I got a boost. + 0.01.... oh well. Apparently, as a corp mate pointed out, I need some more skills for this to mission grinding to actually matter. I'm off to get it before war kicks in.

lördag 18 april 2009

The thankless task - take 2 and a life without ISK

I'm getting to develop a fav hunting ground. The guy I scanned down the other day and todays ground breaking kill - my first destroyer - both happened in the same system. First stumbled in on a Probe loitering about in the roid belts, but before I got a lock on that one (should I go scrambler or disruptor? With a disruptor I'd had two kills already) it warped off. Then in on scan came the Cormorant. Apparently rating, but got mixed up in a fight with King rat (a Corpi Baron). Apparently thought it'd take it on and was getting to look pear shaped when I simply helped it out of it's misery. Poor Cormorant, mishandled like that. I should really send half my kill mail to King Rat (nice book by the way - the one by China Mieville that is).

Then locked up the pod, but Mr Noob didn't reply to my friendly reminder of a possibility of saving his pod. Not even a slight touch by autocannon got him out of a chocked silence. With King Rat constantly blasting away (although not near hiting anything; Rico indirectly pointed out yesterday that they are not as horribly threatening as they may seem) and time running on I helped Mr Noob to reincarnation.

And now, Ouch, hurty ..., I'm barred from 1.0 sec system :)

Still no more ISK though :( First ransom attempt down the drain. Which means more utterly tediously, boring (but hopefully) bloody missions... god, I hate missions. Let the lemmings stand up to be counted...

torsdag 16 april 2009

Thankless task

Found a Tristan in system today, scanned it down and warped in. ([Insert diety] I'm getting better at this) approached and scrambled the little bugger. Attacked - in the run in I had to get past a cruiser rat firing away, apparently the victim didn't notice for some reason... Halfway into armor it happened. As I had the disruptor mounted rather than the scrambler (+1 rather than +2) the victim managed to warp out and become unvictim - to me. Apparently he warped to another roid belt (bad move), where he rapidly became victim of another pirate :( Couldn't have been much of a sport without shield and most of the armor ...

Hey! You should send half the killmail to me .... :)

onsdag 15 april 2009

Grim times ahead

My benefactor is looking for a new corp. Woe me, woe me :( The begging and stealing just lost half the strategy. There are grim times on the horizon. I'm hungry.

måndag 13 april 2009

Another one bites the dust

It was some time ago I posted. Now, with a second kill - this time of the mighty noobship (wasn't really aware that that was I was killing off) I feel like posting. A couple of days ago I was roaming my fav places in Placid and had trapped a cruiser, when it simply warped off. Due to my overly consumption of spirits at dinner, I had forgot to scramble the thing and kicked myself for a few hours over that. Especially as a destroyer simply warped off at first site a few moments later. Apparently a different coloured background on overview is enough to scare people off nowadays. Chickens :)

It's been a fairly meager week for the corp though. Not too many kills. So I'm still hard of cash - and helped my benefactor hauling ore for an hour or so, got a courier contract for my trusted Wooly Elephant (which I got out of Auner) to just make a few ISK. It was while getting Wooly out of Auner I took a peek at my old home ssytems. And found a noob mining around in Resbroko. Totally not paying attention until it was all too late. He saved his pod though.

If this cash crises continues for much longer I'll have to resort to running missions again. Otherwise my plan is to wait for -1.0 then do a bit of missioning.

onsdag 8 april 2009

Another kind of flashy thing

Lesson 1: Don't trust anyone in low sec. (Well corp mates are OK hopefully)
Todays lesson is: Lose all carebear attitude if you intend to stake out a criminal career.
Particularly don't attack noobs too near high sec gates.

Flash .... where is ship?
Oh well, standing is now -0.4 :)

(Pity the pirate noob.... or not)

tisdag 7 april 2009

1st kill :)

I'm sooo proud. My first killmail in the career and a minus standing to boot :). Kestrels simply aren't for lowsec, my benefactor says. Decent high sec mission boat for level 1 - no more. What happened today was that I stumbled into a roaming gang. Some 3-5 pretty hardcore pirates in higher tech ships were in system, or rather jumped into system seconds after I undocked. Had good use of my safe spots there. Jumping into neighbouring systems, they were there too. So thought the morning venture was a waste, but still gave it another try as I noticed there was a highsec indy corp member in system, somewhat less noob than me. Eventually the roaming gang left, and the indy came back ratting in low sec.

What went down was almost identical to what happened when I got podded some days back. Although she had managed to finish off the rats and was looting when I struck. Never had the chance of getting a defence in order probably, might be she never saw what happened until it was all over. Never relax in low sec. Ever.

måndag 6 april 2009

I'm such a frelling noob :(

My first golden egg found today, and I let it slip away. Going hunting in my new home area, and while setting up a few safe spots I stumble in on a system where the first thing I see is a flashy red ship. Off onto a moon - then the insight hits me....

Shit he was in a pod.
I let a handsome ransom off like that.
WTF am I doing???

Back to the gate where I saw my ransom, and a few secs before I get there he leaves the system. Where did he frelling go? Searched all three possibilities, but no where in either system. He got away...

I'm such a frelling noob :(

Before that I found victims in another system, but the were probably roaming together so it wasn't an option in my little eggshell... A day full disappointments so far.
And they continued. Later on during the day I went hunting for another noob in a Probe. I saw him three times, and all three times he got away. The last time he managed to warp before I got lock and could scramble him. A wee bit miffed with the day then.

Oh and btw, I got the video "Clear Skies" and watched it all. You should be able to not look too closely as the technical irregularities (character motion etc) are obvious if you do, but otherwise are really fine effort. And, and I didn't know this, its around my old home systems in the Metropolis/Heimatar area. Neat. And god Ravens are fugly.

lördag 4 april 2009

New corp?

Following my untimely death and resurrection and two subsequent unsuccessful hunts, I again reinvestigated getting into a corp that can show me the road to killing mastery. And I'm in a new corp. At the moment based not very far from my current home base, so will be able to keep an eye on the goingson in Metropolis as well. This time it's a part time pirate corp, looking better that far.

torsdag 2 april 2009

Podded :(

The bastard podded me. ME! Chiana! Outragous ... :)
Thing went down as follows: two noobs in the system today. I went after one of them but he apparently got podded before I found him. Then the second guy turns up, and I go after him. Don't find him at first so go to belt where attacked by rats. Then Mr Noob turns up. Back to base to regen, and out to find him again, but not around. Got attacked by more rats and the Mr not so much noob jumps me. Cheating that is. They were two of them, that's not fair :)

My bullets got your name on 'em Mr not noob....

onsdag 1 april 2009

Went hunting

My first hunt today. Noob didn't know how lucky it was. The prey holed up somewhere (because it def wasn't me not knowing how the scanner works, oh no, can't be, at all) and I had to leave for other duties. Still the apetizer did show what a rush of adrenalin the Real Thing (TM) might be once it happens.

Welcome back little noobie, come to mama Chiana :)

Settled in again

I'm back in my neck of the woods, so to speak. A brief visit to my old home, and some mission running for the Thukkers. Would be a suitable restart to my Minmatar area. Contacted "the other corp" again. We'll see if anything comes of it - else another campaign is on the cards. Could have died for the first time today. Managed to mis-dial a guy in a neighbouring corp and seeing that he was a "real pirate" and was camping my station could have died horribly instead of completing the mission I took. Guy must have been a morning mood. Not warmed up enough - or it's my neat bio putting people on the wrong footing. Whatever, thanks mate. I did manage to bring my Wooly into lowsec, so now I've got my new loot with me as well.