onsdag 27 januari 2010

Report from 0.0

My benefactor got into a 0.0 corp after having lived in wh-space and trying a high sec indy corp - it all just felt too safe and boring. We'll still have to see how things work out.

Before going to this corp though, he was in Nightmare Inc, with the indication that it was not to be a pvp only alliance/corp. Quite soon it all turned out to be just that - a pvp corp/alliance. So he got out. And quite soon it appeared not all was as it should be in the corp and alliance.

Just over a week ago Atlas found out that Undivided were killing blues, not just killing blues but had created an alt corp "fallen knights" with the explicit intent to kill blues.

Atlas contacted Davet517(the leader at the time), lost Packet (EU diplo) and Viod Hawk (US Diplo and creator of the alt corp), Davet517 gave the assurance that Undivided would stampout the blue on blue killing and atlas decided to leave it in his hands.

Davet517 called a meeing within undivided, where he communicated to undivided that blue on blue killing must stop or Atlas would evict undivided. Void Hawk took exception to this and using his director ship in the holding corp kicked Davet517's corp from the alliance, then started a campaign of mud slinging against Davet517 and Atlas Prelate (all lies and all instantly provable as so)

Atlas decided undivided would be evicted from their space and at the request of Davet517 they were given a long period in which to evacuate their assets (2 weeks, normally 48 hours) on the condition they hand over Sov and the 2 stations they held, after 24 hours they had not complied, so the notice period was reduced to 1 week and a deadline for handing SOV and station over was set at 6AM today or the would be reset.

6AM passed and they started shooting blues, they have now been reset and I guess they will be evicted shortly.

The die hards are still out there in my benefactors former home space, EUU, Q3 and 3AE in Insmother. Nightmare Inc has shrunk from 120+ to 66 pilots, and Undivided is now completely just that with only 7 corps still there. Weird things seems to happen to the alliances my dear benefactor is in - hopefully Green Alliance will survive him.

In wormhole

I'm now in a wormhole class 5. I'm supposed to be the guard dog to a bunch of pinatas =).
First encounter didn't really end well at all, as we had a visit by a Proteus during a mining op. My poor Cane died ofcourse, but I got a new one now. Hull upgrades V and then on to a HAC or a Broadsword. Probably by way of a Sabre first.
Cruiser V is not a skill to be looked forward to ... but it's for the good of all I hope. I'm also getting a Tempest in, just need the iskies to fit it and a support crew and I'll be able to help out clearing belts and stuff.