söndag 24 oktober 2010

War endless war

Me and my benefactor (although at the rate he's losing ships at the moment, I am the benefactor) are in null sec war. NC is pushing into Cloud Ring. In the process our corp got one of the best systems in Cloud Ring as a "thanks for all the fish" pressy.
And the corp is providing all the CTA ships as a fish thingy I think. I even called one of my CTA ships "Pressy".

It has been a lot of action - I'm trying to be there, my kill ration in D.R.K has gone up from the other corps (I'm actually plus now). Blob warfare is new though - most frustrating when a FC calls out primary left right and centre while you ship behaves as drugged snail on downers. "It was not too bad" they said with 400 in local (500 according to those who kept better track). I went 3-1 while able to do something latest op.

My benefactor is 1-13, dunno what he's doing. Not anything right anyway. Think he got in on incaping a pos gun or four the other day before being hotdroped by 4 supercaps with fleet.