tisdag 31 mars 2009

Preparing to say goodbye?

I'm recovering all my stuff from all over the place. Spent a good part of the day going to a system 24 jumps out, only to discover that all it had was my noob ship and it's crap equipment. Memory, memory. ... :( 24 jumps back to collect my first frig instead. Assembling everything now in Amarr space. Deciding to take the jump to reapproach my other corp or not... Risky, no return thingie mefear. But anyway, I'm moving out - if there is to be no action, I'd rather have it solo rather than as a drowned rat in an overstuffed corp. Still I've got a new toy to play with during my stay - an industrial. Impressive specs too. Bye bye safe empire? We'll soonish know.

Late last night I stumbled into a gatecamp when trying to get to my - now probably slightly cobwebby - home. My plan was to bring Wooly Elephant into a lowsec system, unload my smaller boats there and start moving things down home. So I docked in the nearest highsec system, unloaded one of the boats and checked my star maps. WTF? 14 ships down in the last hour? Here? It's usually quiet here. OK, no way of getting through here I think, especially not with Wooly E. Move on to the lesser entry point. Same dance, doc, unload, check map. Hmm, not as bad, 1 downed ship I can live with, doesn't mean it's at the gate. Weird there is a gazillion pilots in the system though.... it's usually fairly quiet here as well, although this is a slightly more risky entry system. But what the - recon time. In my smaller boat I went to gate, it all started with the fairly obvious giveaway of a very obvious pirate spy on the empire side of the stargate (note to pirate corp - do put a trainee as spy, it's not so bleedin' obvious what's going to happen) sitting near the gate but at least moving away from it to give the temporary impression of someone leaving rather than camping. What the f... I jumped, and the few moments of blackness lifted to reveal - the entire overview filled with pirate ships, drones and their ilk. Pick a station at random and get the fuck out to it. Close shave there. Wonder who they were, in hindsight - it might have been these guys who camped the first system, bringing the stats way up. Could have been as safe to go through there as it usually is...

måndag 30 mars 2009

Perfecting a kill

Waiting for something to happen, I got round to do a bit of belt ratting. Which is incredibly boring unless you try to perfect your PvP technique for you smallest ship. Which is a speed freak really. Amazingly blazing thing, although it needs to be as if it is hit by a paper clip it disintegrates, leaving you out in the cold dark. Rats are a no-brainer though, the only thing remotely amusing with rating, is the time you manage to down them in. At least in highsec. Lowsec is a different matter altogether. We don't have battleship rats in highsec. Oh well Oh well.

I talked to someone yesterday. Looking to go nullsec another road. This one seems to lead absolutely nowhere. And slowly at that. So this being belongs to a nullsec corp which could mayhaps would take me on with a corpmate living in lowsec at the moment. Lets see whatever comes of that. I'm not too optimistic though.

fredag 27 mars 2009

Mission running in PvP setup

It's an interesting thing. One on one is no problem. However, try taking on a whole gang when the optimal range is c 500 m. Hehe, not too easy. I'm going completely bonkers over here, wher absolutely nothing happens really. Methought it would be a bit more orgagized but it's still more or less a corp waiting for your own stuff to happen. Which is training. There's an op on tomorrow. If I'm not able to get in on that I'm outa here I think.

måndag 23 mars 2009

Been a bit quiet here of late

Which is because not much has been happening as yet. I am still trying to get up to speed in this corp and waiting for some training classes in which I can participate. So far no such luck. But I'm willing to give a few more before chucking things in.

The worst part of this all is the mission running. In high sec no less. God it's boring. There's an op coming up this week apparently anyway - so maybe that add some little action. At least it'll be a break from tedious missions. Cows for Gods sake, cows - shipping frelling cows across systems.... The horror of it all ...
Bring back the dolls.

fredag 20 mars 2009

In training again

Back to school sort of. Need to get a cash flow and know-how for my future career path. So I decided to go to a training corp for null sec deployment. That'll hopefully be interesting. So far I've been reading up on materials, mails etc for the corp. There'll be some extensive training before going null sec, apparently, so not quite sure how much I can report from here. They are rather strict with that shit. As long as I'm here and do the wrong thing I "just" get chucked out. Later on shot on sight and podded. Good fucking luck to that then.

Nice :-) I'll note that for the future.

torsdag 19 mars 2009

Don't trust anyone - not even your computer

There's a piece of wisdom I picked up just now. You autopilot setting may be wrong, or influence the course you get when select "Set destination" or whatever. Going from Resbroko to Taff its suggestion was to kill me. Going Hror-Hek-Uttindar-Bei-KABOOM as Hagilur had a 10+ destroyed ships, 15 active pilots and 3+ podded people in the last hour. WTF, 2001 all over? Lucky I was awake (but not awake enough to see I was already in Resbroko, my fav border system). The other route - which is entirely low sec, is (strangely enough) usually much more secure. Check your settings, check your map, check local, scan your environment = stay alive (for at least 1+ week) in low sec.

Then someone suggested going ratting in Taff. Unknown person, unknown risk = good chance of getting podded. Oh well another day when I feel a bit more suicidal mayhaps.

Might take a brake from the pirate path

For a time, I applied to a corp to learn a bit about low/null sec and PvP. Lets see if anything comes of it. Until now, I've done a bit exploring around here, a bit of thieving, a bit of (boring) mission running. Nothing that brings any ginormous amounts of much needed cash. Stumbled upon the legend that is Mynxee, and close by the map says 2 ships blown up in the last hour. Coincidence? Fuck that. Headed other way. Waiting for answer a few days. See what happens.

Didn't need to wait long. Now debating whether to follow up on it or not. Need to be seen as post-graduate schooling for my intended occupation later on I guess.

onsdag 18 mars 2009

Petty thief

I graduated business school, but end up a petty thief. Oh well, there are ways to manage this as well - in another world they're known as La famiglia, among other things. Life's strange. But perhaps I should look what at from whom I nick. Managed to nick from a corp with a 500 mill bounty guy in it. And he was out the next roid belt too. Hehe, slight hickup. Nah, fuck that - what ever happens is carma. Not much you can do about it.

Second time targeted today too and another night with downed and podded ships in the system. Not as wild as the other day though. Need to get a cash flow going - need to step up the "bad things". Or mine the Hedbergite around here. Or both. Probably both. Most likely both. Maybe.

måndag 16 mars 2009

Mission grind commences

Did two missions on the morning, one in Taff and one in Uilkin. Appart from blowing up pathetic rats, you have to keep and eye on local to see whoever is in the system, and not linger more than necessary. Fortunately this neck of the universe is more or less friendly most of the time. Apart from yesterday. Inspired by the war in Delve hell seem to have erupted in my area as well. Apparently however, Nakugard, which had the shitload of podkillings is in Empire space, although close by. So probably was a war dec being played out there. Today I've seen three people total - probably the survivors of yesterdays events :) Or not. Whatever.

Anyway halfway decentish pay for starter missions today but it's heck doing it in a "blow shit up" fitting. My pathetic guns need a range of like 5K but then they really do damage. Unfortunately being surrounded by umpteen rats also causes a bit of damage... Eventually fit a medium armor repper to complete the noob hunting kit, but absolutely do need longer range guns for missions.

I found a roid belt with some decent amount of Hedbergite as well today, I'll need to get my other ship back from Empire to fit as a miner and go get some cash.

Chat among rats

Training continues and now my "blow shit up ship" is getting to be a bit of a menace to rats. At least those less than battleships. At least those less than battle cruisers, of which I still haven't found any. For some reason. Dunno why.

So went in search for high sec rats. And found a few which was disposed as quickly as possible. But I need something a bit more long range than my autocannons. These are pretty pathetic, although killing off rats is a no-brainer even with these mounted. My thought was devilishly cunning, but unfortunately the plan failed. I got to a system where someone else was rating, but came just a sec after me. We had a short chat there among the roids. Apparently he'd been chased out of Resbroko by a gang. Not too kind a thing to do I think.... Either he was chased or the chicken got him :) Dunno which. Having seen the usually deserted part of this low sec area, prolly the latter.

Having said that it seems that my home system is populated by the entire population of German mercs. But Taff is usually pretty quite, dunno what they're up to today. Possibly never will know either. Oh well, tomorrow will be another attempt at noob catching.

Pretty interesting, scary stuff goes down here at the moment. For the first time since I moved in here someone tried to pick me off. Checked him out, 25 mill bounty guy. Going after little me... almost pathetic if it wasn't a bit scary - but I got away. Something is definately going down though. Might be that Mr Chicken was pretty right about things in the end. There has been a bunch of ship kills round the system Egmar counts 3 and Resbroko, my usual entry point, as many, all within the last hour. And Nakugard has more than 20 poddings the last hour. Holeing up, covering under a blanket and putting out all candles around the place. No telly tonight. I'm not a home, so don't call. Someone might hear.

söndag 15 mars 2009

A new ship

I got myself a "blow shit up" ship. Which makes me wonder about the ship designers in this universe. This one, I've got now, looks like as if a 18th century warship and an Israeli Uzi met and had a child together. The Bestower looks like a medieval trading ship turned up side down, sans rigging. The Raven - the ever so popular BS - is simply fugly. Damn fugly even. I'll never have one - you may shoot me if I'm ever found in one. It's that ugly.

I've gotten myself into a stash of loot. Won't have to buy ammo for a bit anyway. Which is good. Got a lot of other stuff to play with and fit this beast I've got. So my training queue is up to Tuesday lunch or something like that. Then I'll really be a menace to all misguided noobs on auto into my home. :->

fredag 13 mars 2009


I killed someone, Enlil Bel, is no more.
I got that on contract, but apparently my client changed his mind when it was already too late.
As he said - "What have I done?"

Chasing dolls

I think I'm going to drop my current agent. I've been chasing dolls for four missions now, and mining for dolls in one gaining a total of 25 units of Veldspar. And a doll. And not enough money to make it worthwhile really. Hopefully I'll find another low sec agent shortly.

Talking of money, I found a stash of dead rats in here today. Was about to relieve them of their cargo when the rightful owners appeared on the overview. Getta the heck out of there. Not healthy playing shoplifting (ratlifting?) in 0.1 sec when sitting in this duct tape wreck of a ship. Oh well, oh well my time will come. Need to figure out how to make some cash in this low sec "pocket". Getting slightly desperate and starving. Not really up to join a corp in here just yet. In a few I'm piloting a cruiser anyway so mayhaps I'll go into a bit of "blowing shit up-ing".

Oh my.... I'm a thief, I stole stuff from wrecks. But what is a poor girl to do in a harsh lawless world without any means of making money. I am forced to steal stuff like ammo for my ship and various things to improve it. Can't afford to buy it.
Oh shit ....
............ I'm a thief :-)

My benefactor is moving base so I might be a little late with the next report. But hopefully not. Oh shit - there's a really bad man in here at the moment. I'm holeing up for the time being. Hope to see you later.

tisdag 10 mars 2009

Close encounter with a rat

Usually rats aren't a problem. Just use a bit of rat poison or a cat. Or fly a decent ship. In low sec, as I came to understand today, a decent ship is something a wee bit closer to a battle cruiser than the piece of junk I'm hauling about at the moment.

Short note to self
"Don't go rating in a frig. Train to at least a cruiser. Pester benefactor for more cash."

I'm almost not hauling the junk around anymore, but am still stuck to it. So after making the mental note I went off rating in my home system. And I got one! I almost got caught myself, but still... I'm soooo proud - my first low sec rat :) (Why does this make me feel like Gollum fishing?)

Did a bit more exploring today too. In one system I found an active gate to a room filled with annoyed rats. All of them aggroed at the same time. Got the hell out of there.

Short note to self
"Come back with something closer to a battlecruiser and teach the rats proper behaviour."

Went down into .2 sec - extremely uneventful. I see people in local chat. And that's the only place I see them. Or rather him/her. Again it's almost empty around this system. It's like moving around in a ghost system, the Bermuda triangle of this area or something alike. Scary.

This surely can't go on, or it's mine for the taking. (She said hybriotically, 2 days old in low sec).

måndag 9 mars 2009

Life of a Pirate Queen

This blog will be about my life as a pirate queen. (As if you haven't got that already).

My ultimate goal in life is to manage a trading/mining/r&d corporation somewhere in low sec. By reading this blog you will know how I succeed. I graduated from business school just a week ago, and inspired by a friend of my benefactor quickly headed off into unknown territory. I am currently living somewhere in Metropolis, which, at least for the time being, seems like a decent place to start my career. It is, barely, Minmatar low sec, but still quite empty of people (at least as far as I've had the time to explore). This leads to a - probably - false sense of security. As there are fewer people around here than in a mid sized corp chat, you tend to gate jump without checking pod kills and such trivial issues. Anyway, when venturing closer to more contested space, that needs to end I guess. I've got quite a bit of exploring to do around here first though.

Still, it feels a bit cool, jumping in and out of Empire space like it's nothing to it. Pitty there are no other noobs around to watch this mindless bravado. I noticed yesterday that someone was camping one of the gates to a .4 sec system. Had him in systems trailing a bit behind but I managed to keep one step ahead of him all the way home. That's the upside of having a fast ship, although I need to fix it up so the cap doesn't shut down every two secs or so (my ship, by the way, reminds me of a Farscape episode in which one of the characters had a junk yard ship - and, much like this one, it shut down at irregular and highly inconvenient times). If it was me he was after even, I don't know. Another upside of being noob and having a junk yard ship is that it matters shit if I get blown up. The value of this thing is such that my benefactor could pay for dozens of the silly things in a mornings mining session.

There are quite enough mineral resources close by my station so eventually - if I decide to stay - it could be that it is a very good place to put up something of my own. Who knows. Getting into low sec mining would probably be an easy way of getting a bit of cash flow (apart from blowing up noobs mishappenly dropping into low sec). So far I've gotten by with a donation from someone in another corporation. But as I am completing my first set of missions I am starting to make a bit of cash on my own.

More will follow shortly. I've only been around for a day yet.