söndag 26 december 2010

Day 1 - second outing

And there goes my Hound ... should have bought a second set of mods when I was at it tbh. Now I've got a hull, and assorted mods, but not a space worthy Hound. A pity, oh well at least I can give parts away to mates who might be able to assemble something of it - and sell the Hound if the worst comes to the worst.

We made the news at least : http://www.evenews24.com/2010/12/26/nc-revolt-c0nvicted-attacks-dem0n-hunters/

and battles are now 1-1 only because RAGE are incompetent enough not to handle a much smaller alliance on their own. It's actually pretty pathetic, I think we had 60+ vs 220+ when we had the second encounter. And a large part of that was NC allies, like MM, Systematic Cha0s, Mostly Harmless and other lesser enteties .... not. Truly pathetic. Well, RAGE is one alliance I won't join - please remind me of it if need be. I now know how it might have felt when my benefactors first null alliance got chucked out of Insmother ...

First strike

So we attacked first. Turned Demon Hunters red and attacked 4KON. Lucky I got all my shopping out of their outpost before (I think it was theirs ...). Things turned a bit interesting null politics wise with an attack on Geminate from Drone regions and an attack from within NC space.

Unfortunately couldn't contribute all the time. Back for more action later.

lördag 25 december 2010

Tomorrow we are game

So, it's back to the roots again eh?
Bring it on then ... Chiana has done this before. The carebear is out of harms way for now. All valueble assets (that ratting Maelstrom is something like 200m+ even if not faction fit, and the skillbook is also in empire) - damn I sold one for 130m in Cloud Ring, me and business ... It took a bit of a gamble and a pair of scout eye to get big slow Maelstrom out the door. Fortunately the pipe from LR to Aldik is short and has been fairly quiet during early holiday days. Still a few nerve wrecking moments with an afk-neut (who might or might not come alive) and another couple of hostiles in Eurgrana who were not on the gates. The afk cloaky neut is flying a Loki by the way. I happened to gather that, didn't pass it on. Let the fucktards find that out by themselves.

Got a few cheap ships still in Geminate, nothing to feel sorry for if/when they go poof ... Question is now what the carebear is going to do for a living. As the CEO said, it didn't exactly turn out as planned ...

We'll see how the plans with the alliance and with the budding indy section fares through all this. Won't do much anyway during the next few holi days =) OK, so - so far the top alliance beings have been still pretty quiet about everything, I still don't know exactly what's going on, and why and when things will be happening - apart from that tomorrow there is one planned op.
I am discovering - the hard way - that C0nvicted is not -7- I just wish it wasn't so bleeding obvious.

Oh well ... let the hostilities commence ...

onsdag 22 december 2010

Almost Christmas and frell I know what is going on

O, joyous period of the year is approaching. Not. Rather than merriment and hostilities, it's frell I know what and hostilities.

Geminate - the place in space we currently call home is being invaded. It was clear that is would happen from the start. Drone russians thought Geminate would be a good Christmas gift to their guys (and gals). About the same time the russian invasion starts, RAGE thinks it is a good time to chuck C0nvicted out of Geminate...

The reasons why are .... let's say slightly obscure. And C0nvicted top guys seriously lacks communications skills .... Everything will be explained on Friday is the now too familiar explanation as to why the f* we should evac. Or not. Or what the hell. I don't know. I guess I'll try to find a contract to get my ratting ship out then. That's about all I've managed to get in so far. Oh, and then there is the rumour that we are out of NC (which seems logical as we are there as guests of RAGE). But checking my old corp - we are still blue. So no reset. Yet.
Then we had a rumour that RAGE changed their minds and we are not to be chucked out after all. Maybe.

And then there is the comforting thought that NC is going to drop a fleet on us any second. Althoguh I believe NC is involved in Fountain at the moment, which is at the other end of their space.

Null politics at their muddiest.

It's all very confuddling - there's an invasion of Geminate going on, and no one gives a sh** even if they should - maybe - save their home space - or RAGEs home space or NCs southeastern border, or whatever it is.

Come Christmas Eve we know, maybe. I'll know Christmas Day. I might be surrounded in red space when I sign on next =)

tisdag 14 december 2010

A new start

First things first.
The war against againt Ev0ke (or eJoke as they were called) is over. -7- took over large parts of Cloud Ring, and Ev0ke left to harass other parts of the universe. Lots of fights was had, and the benefactor eventually settled on flying logistics. And stopped losing ships.
DRK ended up with a two systems in Cloud Ring, a gazillion POSes that needed constant feeding and good ratting. Also, lots of pew.

Unfortunately most of it were in times, this being was asleep.

So ended up ratting. A lot. Easy ISK making given 3-5 1.2 BS rats. But in the end a bit boring. And my benefactor managed to lose or misplace his hulk. So ...

To cut a lot of unnecessary text, I'm back in my first corp. Sons of Odin ... EU-based pirates, going null sec. There are apparently a couple of options, one being getting back into Pure Blind =) Which is a bit ironic as DRK moved out of that space ... If that's where we end up it'll be partaking in the Fountain campaign I guess. In EU-time hopefully. That'll be interesting.

Apparently also, SoO will put up a indy operation. I guess dear benefactor will enjoy carebearing in null again. He'll just have to stop misplacing his hulks. And get that Rorqual he has trained for...

söndag 24 oktober 2010

War endless war

Me and my benefactor (although at the rate he's losing ships at the moment, I am the benefactor) are in null sec war. NC is pushing into Cloud Ring. In the process our corp got one of the best systems in Cloud Ring as a "thanks for all the fish" pressy.
And the corp is providing all the CTA ships as a fish thingy I think. I even called one of my CTA ships "Pressy".

It has been a lot of action - I'm trying to be there, my kill ration in D.R.K has gone up from the other corps (I'm actually plus now). Blob warfare is new though - most frustrating when a FC calls out primary left right and centre while you ship behaves as drugged snail on downers. "It was not too bad" they said with 400 in local (500 according to those who kept better track). I went 3-1 while able to do something latest op.

My benefactor is 1-13, dunno what he's doing. Not anything right anyway. Think he got in on incaping a pos gun or four the other day before being hotdroped by 4 supercaps with fleet.

tisdag 24 augusti 2010

Back from holiday

A long one. And the corp moved, and changed alliance. In the nick of time apparently.
Our old area in Insmother is in the hands of Red Alliance nowadays.

We are now in Sev3rance up north. Some of our pvp-ers have been taking top spots in killing stuff for some time now, which is cool. And for some reason - I've found a bit of time for pvp as well.
we're having a nasty battle for D2-HOS on at the moment, and I thought I'd join up in a fleet a few days ago. Unfortunately familly business and other RL got in the way, so I missed the formup and leaving of fleet. Not long after our fleet left a largish red fleet came through the system I was fitting my spanking brand new Vaga in. Apparently the idea was to catch our fleet between reinforcements for the POS bash and the BC fleet. Fortunately our support caught up with the reds and engaged them en route while the main POS bashing gang went about their business.
A few late comers set up an "impromptu" gate camp behind the red support fleet, in effect cathing them between our support and a camped gate. Joining in, it was picking candy from a baby. Either killing off pods trying to escape from the system, or preventing reinforcements reaching them.
Got 8 kills off of that.

Another battle ensued for D2-HOS today. Brought a stealth bomber to the party, but the party got pretty laggy with 600+ in system. I guess we'll see tomorrow what damage I did, at least one kill - a logoffsky Drake apart from the possible mayhem some bombing runs did.

This was the first time I got home in the same stealth bomber that I left with - cool =) And the score in Sev3rance is now up to (at least) 9 kills 0 losses ... weird that.

torsdag 3 juni 2010

The Spire II


Nothing to pew but faction drones, red blobs or docked cravens.
Rumour has it that red is coming to me instead. We'll see what happens first, there will be another attempt in a bit.

måndag 31 maj 2010

The Spire I

I heard about some new ideas in one of our channels so I thought I'd go out and do a bit of naughtiness before I leave on holiday. After setting off from X5 I put my goal at the first system in The Spire and off I go... only to get caught in a blue bubble after a few jumps. And discover I forgot to put an Microwarp drive on the ship. So I head back towards a station (the one in C-J) and get myself a MWD.

Then from there I again head towards the first system in The Spire, but instead of travelling through our own space I have to visit Red Alliance. Nothing in particular happened, apart from finding two Dominition spawn camping gates ... how good a spawn they are in Drone country I have no idea, and I don't have a ship to take them on anyway. I'd leave my for the carebears instead.

I'll venture further out in next stage.

torsdag 27 maj 2010

More action

As usual these days, time have been lacking. But the action is here in Insmother if you know where to look and dare to participate.

The other day HTA decided to take down a hostile POS in their space. They had eliminated a hostile TCU a week or so earlier but the POS they had managed to defend (if it was Solar Fleet or Red Alliance I don't remember). We managed to assemble a group of caps and a largish support fleet and headed off. We waited on a gate for a few minutes while listening to intel of the approaching fleet. And warped in they did, together with a main group of somewhere between 10-15 super caps. At one time there was a total of 250+ reds in system, and our FCs went down pretty fast as the super caps started making themselves felt and anhilating our caps.

It was a horrible rout. And I lost yet another ship, my BS this time. Atlas turned up a bit later and help getting the reds out. We managed to get a revenge fleet going where I got in on a small revenge kill - through my benefactor.

Today, tho - we've been seen a Solar fleet guy flying around our home systems. when he left I went shopping in C-J, hearing that the Solar guy is in the adjectant system. So I say I'm leaving C-J for 88a and ... there he is - on the gate, in a Merlin. I tell the people on our home channel this and leave him for a while to let the guys get there. When my invisibility timer reaches 0 I decide to engage - approach, mwd, scram, shoot ....
My Wolf is making good progress through the shields when Michelle in a Vaga reaches the gate. The Merlin is dead, but he gets off with his pod anyway...

Still a nice difference from losing all sorts of ships out here in null.

tisdag 4 maj 2010

another kill =)

The first in ages. A mighty shuttle, a first red kill. I will not go into details on the thing as it was not particularly honorable - lol. More like a sever parking ticket. Maybe that'll teach him not to park whereever he wants, especially not in our systems. But prolly not.

There has been rumours of war and invasion of our home. And after a day of increasingly frequent fleets roaming around, making my head spin, and a day full of reported blackops around the major centers out here (and we live only 3 jumps off from 2 of them) we saw another wave of blobs forming up from Red Alliance and Solar fleet. Fuckturds even bubbled on of the stations. Then we saw an alliance mail about a diplomatic solution to the situation - we'll see what happens in the near future.

Back to ratting and getting my ships out then.

torsdag 22 april 2010

No, didn't work out

Empire simply got too boring. My former corp broke out of my next to former corp. Originally to start a PvP corp, which turned out to be not so much PvP corp (rather a copy of the original, sans CEO). At least I got to run a few ventures into Placid low sec and Syndicate null sec. Nothing to report from those, apart from getting blown up once. Made a bit of iskies ratting tho.

And got corp mates blown up ratting.

So eventually I joined up with my benefactor in Insmother. We are both now out in null sec, which is great fun. I just need to get all my stuff out here somehow, a couple of skillbooks (all my drone skills, and cruise missies), my Tempest and ceptor. In a couple of days I'm done training for an interdictor, then I'll consolidate my supportskills. And go on PvP ops =))
(So I'll be up to 2x Cane, 1x Ceptor, Dictor, Tempest, Hound).

Did a bit of isk ratting in Insmother in my PvP fit Cane, more, actually than with gazillions of L1 and L2 missions... in 2 minutes.

måndag 1 mars 2010

Wars =)

I was starting to get bored in empire.
But then we war deced the shithead and his alliance. People left... other people simply docked up. Including Dani and the army of alts.

And now, we are dec'ed by a pro merc corp - lol.
More pew for the win =)

lördag 6 februari 2010

Moar EVE drama

Why does EVE bring out all the worst in people?

We had this guy in corp who didn't like management. So he leaves corp, and as a parting gift kills and pods the one guy who at all costs dislikes PVP. So much so that he logs and stays off during wars.

That was such a chicken thing to do Dani, wasn't it? What had Beka done to you Dani? You feel better destroying 700m ISKies for someone not involved in your personal problems?

So instead of agressing someone who would give you a fight. You are so fail as to target the one guy who officially wants nothing at all to do with pvp and such things. And doesn't suspect someone in his own corp to be such a shithead.

Fucking pathetic is what it is ... honest.
Let me the fuck out of the wormhole and I'll pod your sorry ass.
/me hates baby sitting wormholes at the moment.
/me hates Concord even more - the fuckturd would just go sit in safe space =(

fredag 5 februari 2010

Wormhole pirates

My corp moved to a class 5 wormhole a few weeks ago. After having lived in a dried up class 3 patience ran out of the powers that be, and the move was made. A few mining ops and some pew situations (I managed to lose a Cane to a Proteus) later real bad shit happened.

3 days ago I log on to find a discussion about the traffic in the hole. Apparently no one has done anything to stop it, but there was industrials and various combat ships around. A tower went up. And then - shit happened -.

Not one, but two Dreadnoughts were on scan. Then as fast as they could register the fact, the pos was attacked. Not much else to do but to negotiate - and a horrible sum of ISKies changed hands.

Now for 1+ days I've been hauling crap and fail fitted ships out of the hole. The more hilarious one was a BS with long range weapons, a scan booster and .... stabs .... wtf. Or a BC with short range guns and stabs (risk of hitting your own ship there...).

Oh well .... dunno what I'm going to do now. Corp is talking about restructuring, refilling corp wallet. I hate missions - and don't mine ...

tisdag 2 februari 2010

Report from 0.0 - part 2

Wanted to post this as a comment, but it was too large...
This is EVE in a nutshell. Anything goes in this game, and anything can and will happen. On a daily basis... It's a bit sad though. When my benefactor joined Nightmare and Undivided (the alliance) Nightmare was 130+ pilots and Undivided quite a few corps. Now Nightmare is down to 50 and Undivided has 6 corps, plus the shadow blue killing alt corp I guess.

[ 2010.01.29 05:07:08 ] Ruxandra > o/
[ 2010.01.29 05:07:24 ] Heofz > hows it going
[ 2010.01.29 05:07:25 ] Ruxandra > What can I do for you?
[ 2010.01.29 05:07:30 ] Ruxandra > Not bad.
[ 2010.01.29 05:07:52 ] Heofz > just wanted to ask u something if thats ok
[ 2010.01.29 05:08:02 ] Ruxandra > Sure.
[ 2010.01.29 05:08:42 ] Heofz > did dave pay you to do what you did?
[ 2010.01.29 05:08:53 ] Ruxandra > Nope.
[ 2010.01.29 05:09:04 ] Heofz > not the corp thieving thing
[ 2010.01.29 05:09:11 ] Heofz > but before that
[ 2010.01.29 05:09:31 ] Ruxandra > Yeah, I know what you were asking - it would be stupid for him to pay me to rob someone elses corp.
[ 2010.01.29 05:09:35 ] Ruxandra > But no, Dave didn't pay me.
[ 2010.01.29 05:09:38 ] Ruxandra > An external party did.
[ 2010.01.29 05:09:53 ] Heofz > lol
[ 2010.01.29 05:09:56 ] Heofz > may i ask who? :)
[ 2010.01.29 05:10:10 ] Ruxandra > The confidentiality of my clients is a part of our agreement.
[ 2010.01.29 05:10:19 ] Ruxandra > I do have a price, though.
[ 2010.01.29 05:10:30 ] Ruxandra > If you were to pay me some isk, I could disclose their identity.
[ 2010.01.29 05:10:37 ] Heofz > how much :)
[ 2010.01.29 05:10:44 ] Ruxandra > How much is it worth?
[ 2010.01.29 05:10:52 ] Heofz > not a great deal tbh
[ 2010.01.29 05:10:55 ] Heofz > i'm just curious
[ 2010.01.29 05:10:55 ] Ruxandra > I could give you information to attack them with, as well.
[ 2010.01.29 05:11:04 ] Ruxandra > I will tell you their name for 10 million isk.
[ 2010.01.29 05:11:30 ] Ruxandra > I'll also include some interesting information.
[ 2010.01.29 05:11:38 ] Ruxandra > That may help you in returning the "favor"
[ 2010.01.29 05:11:49 ] Heofz > 5 million now, 5 million after
[ 2010.01.29 05:11:59 ] Ruxandra > It's 10 million, I'm being fair, man.
[ 2010.01.29 05:12:03 ] Ruxandra > I could've asked you for 100.
[ 2010.01.29 05:12:13 ] Heofz > but how can i trust u lol
[ 2010.01.29 05:12:23 ] Ruxandra > Well, if I lied to you, you go kill ten rats.
[ 2010.01.29 05:12:27 ] Heofz > how do i know ur not gonna just take the 10 mil and laugh
[ 2010.01.29 05:12:30 ] Ruxandra > Thats just stupid to rip you off for 10 million isk.
[ 2010.01.29 05:12:34 ] Heofz > true
[ 2010.01.29 05:12:51 ] Heofz > ok what the hell :)
[ 2010.01.29 05:12:52 ] Ruxandra > Considering I could gain future amounts for more isk, if you like what I tell you.
[ 2010.01.29 05:13:09 ] Heofz > 10 mil for a name and that extra info?
[ 2010.01.29 05:13:16 ] Ruxandra > Yes.
[ 2010.01.29 05:13:24 ] Ruxandra > I will give you their name and their information.
[ 2010.01.29 05:13:40 ] Heofz > lol ok
[ 2010.01.29 05:14:00 ] Heofz > check ur wallet :)
[ 2010.01.29 05:14:06 ] Ruxandra > Okay.
[ 2010.01.29 05:14:39 ] Ruxandra > First, you didn't get this from me.
[ 2010.01.29 05:14:44 ] Ruxandra > Or I won't give you more info.
[ 2010.01.29 05:14:45 ] Ruxandra > Okayt?
[ 2010.01.29 05:14:53 ] Heofz > of course
[ 2010.01.29 05:15:13 ] Ruxandra > I was hired by Riley. I don't know if it was Dave on her account. However, she was the person who initially contacted me.
[ 2010.01.29 05:15:25 ] Ruxandra > The job was easy because of my past relations with Lost Packet.
[ 2010.01.29 05:15:47 ] Ruxandra > After that, Dave became the contact, his intentions were to force your corps from the alliance, give him the edge with ATLAS, and reform.
[ 2010.01.29 05:16:15 ] Heofz > i suspected as much, lol
[ 2010.01.29 05:16:38 ] Ruxandra > He couldn't make such attempts without first corrupting the leadership infrastructure and getting people on his side.
[ 2010.01.29 05:17:25 ] Heofz > yeah
[ 2010.01.29 05:17:31 ] Ruxandra > He had talked very boldly about how Viod Hawk was a fool, etc. He would regularly bash him in private conversations with me.
[ 2010.01.29 05:17:40 ] Heofz > by establishing himself as the leader right?
[ 2010.01.29 05:17:54 ] Ruxandra > Well, he didn't have control of the Executor corp.
[ 2010.01.29 05:17:56 ] Ruxandra > Packet did.
[ 2010.01.29 05:18:07 ] Ruxandra > So, if he attempted to take control, Packet would just kick him - which packet did.
[ 2010.01.29 05:18:11 ] Ruxandra > However, packet did it too late.
[ 2010.01.29 05:18:19 ] Ruxandra > After people were already prepared to "jump ship."
[ 2010.01.29 05:18:24 ] Heofz > yeah
[ 2010.01.29 05:18:51 ] Heofz > i cant believe it lol
[ 2010.01.29 05:18:55 ] Heofz > i worked all this out myself
[ 2010.01.29 05:19:02 ] Heofz > well, not myself
[ 2010.01.29 05:19:08 ] Heofz > but i put the pieces together
[ 2010.01.29 05:19:17 ] Heofz > and you've confirmed all my suspicions
[ 2010.01.29 05:19:29 ] Ruxandra > The funny part is - once GoonSwarm reinforces NC and makes a push into Insmother - no one is going to take Davet517s check.
[ 2010.01.29 05:19:42 ] Ruxandra > He's going to lose the space anyway.
[ 2010.01.29 05:20:03 ] Heofz > lol
[ 2010.01.29 05:20:07 ] Heofz > he spent billions
[ 2010.01.29 05:20:09 ] Heofz > xD
[ 2010.01.29 05:20:15 ] Ruxandra > He purchases isk illegally, also.
[ 2010.01.29 05:20:18 ] Ruxandra > That is true.
[ 2010.01.29 05:20:28 ] Heofz > how did you know about that?
[ 2010.01.29 05:20:36 ] Ruxandra > Bobby Atlas was also given a "bonus check".
[ 2010.01.29 05:20:45 ] Ruxandra > To let him have the space.
[ 2010.01.29 05:21:20 ] Ruxandra > I knew he purchased isk for a while.
[ 2010.01.29 05:21:49 ] Ruxandra > It's obvious. He even boasted about it in Mostly Harmless.
[ 2010.01.29 05:21:55 ] Ruxandra > To people he trusted, anyway.
[ 2010.01.29 05:26:54 ] Heofz > lol damn
[ 2010.01.29 05:27:21 ] Heofz > so you knew packet for a long time?
[ 2010.01.29 05:29:25 ] Heofz > dave must've paid you a lot to sever ties with him D:
[ 2010.01.29 05:29:59 ] Ruxandra > I actually was never "friends" with packet. I had just conveniently been in his corp before. I met him through Marcus Malos.
[ 2010.01.29 05:30:22 ] Ruxandra > It was easy to get in, especially considering he had a huge need for a US TimeZone Director.
[ 2010.01.29 05:30:32 ] Ruxandra > I was the one close enough to being trust worthy.
[ 2010.01.29 05:41:17 ] Heofz > i have to say
[ 2010.01.29 05:41:28 ] Heofz > the whole operation was a beautiful piece of work
[ 2010.01.29 05:41:55 ] Ruxandra > It was alright. It would've come out better if Packet wouldn't have kicked him so soon, there was a larger plan at play.
[ 2010.01.29 05:42:01 ] Ruxandra > What occured was a contingency plan.
[ 2010.01.29 05:42:38 ] Heofz > larger plan? :o
[ 2010.01.29 05:42:47 ] Ruxandra > Yes, there was a larger plan.
[ 2010.01.29 05:42:51 ] Heofz > i cant imagine him getting a better result tho
[ 2010.01.29 05:42:55 ] Ruxandra > The "true" plan.
[ 2010.01.29 05:42:56 ] Heofz > he got the whole pocket
[ 2010.01.29 05:43:02 ] Heofz > all to himself
[ 2010.01.29 05:43:16 ] Ruxandra > Yes.
[ 2010.01.29 05:43:17 ] Heofz > unless he's referring to the destruction of everyone else too
[ 2010.01.29 05:43:38 ] Ruxandra > It was along those lines. It was more epic than what occured.
[ 2010.01.29 05:44:04 ] Ruxandra > It probably would've resulted in multiple people not only leaving BADWOLF and Nightmare Inc, but also, quitting the game.
[ 2010.01.29 05:44:33 ] Heofz > i think i know what you're talking about
[ 2010.01.29 05:44:48 ] Heofz > he wanted to put everything in a holding corp
[ 2010.01.29 05:45:32 ] Ruxandra > No, it was more diverse than that.
[ 2010.01.29 05:45:38 ] Ruxandra > If I told you, you'd be surprised.
[ 2010.01.29 05:46:03 ] Heofz > lol is that so
[ 2010.01.29 05:46:12 ] Ruxandra > Yeah, you'd be shocked, maybe.
[ 2010.01.29 05:46:22 ] Heofz > i dunno, eve is full of surprises :P
[ 2010.01.29 05:46:25 ] Ruxandra > Just to find out what was going on internally in your corp, not just the alliance.
[ 2010.01.29 05:46:45 ] Heofz > in badwolf eh
[ 2010.01.29 05:46:51 ] Ruxandra > In every corp.
[ 2010.01.29 05:47:16 ] Heofz > guess... isk farming?
[ 2010.01.29 05:47:19 ] Ruxandra > Aside of Dave's, which wasn't necessary.
[ 2010.01.29 05:47:20 ] Ruxandra > No.
[ 2010.01.29 05:47:25 ] Heofz > damn
[ 2010.01.29 05:47:27 ] Ruxandra > I can tell you, for another 10m.
[ 2010.01.29 05:47:42 ] Heofz > hmm okie dokie
[ 2010.01.29 05:47:56 ] Ruxandra > It would greatly improve your corps ability to survive at this point.
[ 2010.01.29 05:48:10 ] Heofz > paid :)
[ 2010.01.29 05:48:33 ] Ruxandra > I was told to make contact with a director in each corp.
[ 2010.01.29 05:48:50 ] Ruxandra > I was supposed to determine which seemed like they'd be easiest to follow-the-lead.
[ 2010.01.29 05:49:03 ] Ruxandra > I had to find someone not devoted to the corps they were in, but with proper roles.
[ 2010.01.29 05:49:14 ] Ruxandra > Money talks and BS walks.
[ 2010.01.29 05:49:20 ] Heofz > so i hear
[ 2010.01.29 05:49:30 ] Ruxandra > Within your corp, as well as, other corps - save for Malice inc. They came into the game too late.
[ 2010.01.29 05:49:42 ] Ruxandra > There was a mole, if you will.
[ 2010.01.29 05:49:54 ] Ruxandra > A person prepared to not only kick multiple people from nightmare, like I had.
[ 2010.01.29 05:50:04 ] Ruxandra > But simultaneously, everyone they possibly could from each corp.
[ 2010.01.29 05:50:14 ] Ruxandra > Then drain the wallets, the corp hangars, and get out of dodge.
[ 2010.01.29 05:50:18 ] Ruxandra > They were paid a fee by Dave.
[ 2010.01.29 05:50:25 ] Ruxandra > Not nearly as much as my fee.
[ 2010.01.29 05:51:06 ] Heofz > interseting
[ 2010.01.29 05:51:08 ] Ruxandra > On the night that Packet ejected Raata Invicti from the alliance, it was too early.
[ 2010.01.29 05:51:17 ] Ruxandra > I needed about two more days to have them all simultaneously on.
[ 2010.01.29 05:51:56 ] Ruxandra > But rather than have them all on simultaneously, because of what packet did - sooner than expected, I pretended to be on board with the TCU killing thing.
[ 2010.01.29 05:51:59 ] Ruxandra > I even was on the kill mail.
[ 2010.01.29 05:52:13 ] Ruxandra > This would distract any and all attention from me, while I did what I had to do - when Packet slept.
[ 2010.01.29 05:52:35 ] Heofz > yeah i noticed that
[ 2010.01.29 05:52:36 ] Ruxandra > Since I was the last possible person to undertake what was supposed to be done - and get my final check.
[ 2010.01.29 05:53:16 ] Ruxandra > The director in your corp that was supposed to be on board with us was immediately severed from our op.
[ 2010.01.29 05:53:43 ] Ruxandra > We offered to keep his name a secret in exchange for him to not disclose our plan, until we finished what we needed to do, tell ATLAS the story - send logs, etc.
[ 2010.01.29 05:54:10 ] Ruxandra > He's still in your corp right now.
[ 2010.01.29 05:54:28 ] Heofz > i see
[ 2010.01.29 05:54:42 ] Ruxandra > He's probably not a threat, though.
[ 2010.01.29 05:54:50 ] Ruxandra > Just a guy who was given an opportunity to make some isk.
[ 2010.01.29 05:57:32 ] Heofz > hmm
[ 2010.01.29 05:57:40 ] Heofz > so what do you recommend i should do?
[ 2010.01.29 05:58:30 ] Ruxandra > Should do about what?
[ 2010.01.29 05:58:50 ] Heofz > well
[ 2010.01.29 05:59:03 ] Heofz > how much of a liability is this director
[ 2010.01.29 05:59:34 ] Ruxandra > I don't know, that's really how you perceive it.
[ 2010.01.29 05:59:56 ] Ruxandra > Is it safe to keep him in the corp, assuming, you would've done the same, if a number that large was proposed to you?
[ 2010.01.29 06:00:00 ] Ruxandra > He was offered a lot of isk.
[ 2010.01.29 06:00:13 ] Ruxandra > Not just chump change.
[ 2010.01.29 06:00:17 ] Ruxandra > A considerable amount.
[ 2010.01.29 06:00:21 ] Heofz > is there any way you'll give his name?
[ 2010.01.29 06:00:27 ] Heofz > considering this is just between us
[ 2010.01.29 06:00:39 ] Ruxandra > You can disclose that he's in your corp, that's up to you.
[ 2010.01.29 06:00:47 ] Ruxandra > I don't care if you keep it secret.
[ 2010.01.29 06:01:11 ] Ruxandra > But as for the name, I'm really tied on that.
[ 2010.01.29 06:01:31 ] Heofz > could i just have something vague then
[ 2010.01.29 06:01:34 ] Heofz > like a timezone or something
[ 2010.01.29 06:01:44 ] Ruxandra > I mean, for a fee, I'd give his name out - but. . . I don't really see us coming to an agreement.
[ 2010.01.29 06:01:51 ] Ruxandra > Well, the lot of your corp is US Tz. lol.
[ 2010.01.29 06:01:56 ] Ruxandra > Oh, you mean distinctly.
[ 2010.01.29 06:02:41 ] Heofz > heh
[ 2010.01.29 06:02:55 ] Heofz > so he's US tz
[ 2010.01.29 06:03:10 ] Ruxandra > Yes.
[ 2010.01.29 06:04:40 ] Heofz > so i take it your transaction between dave and yourself is complete
[ 2010.01.29 06:04:57 ] Heofz > so you no longer have any ties with him
[ 2010.01.29 06:05:05 ] Heofz > ?
[ 2010.01.29 06:05:34 ] Heofz > unless i misunderstood when you said you received your final payment
[ 2010.01.29 06:05:58 ] Ruxandra > I can always be rehired. But it would be very difficult at this point, my voice is compromised.
[ 2010.01.29 06:06:16 ] Ruxandra > But yes, I have been paid in full?
[ 2010.01.29 06:06:20 ] Ruxandra > You could say.
[ 2010.01.29 06:06:55 ] Heofz > so going back to the first bit of info for a second
[ 2010.01.29 06:07:06 ] Ruxandra > Yeah.
[ 2010.01.29 06:07:18 ] Heofz > dave buys isk illegally
[ 2010.01.29 06:07:28 ] Ruxandra > Which you couldn't prove.
[ 2010.01.29 06:07:30 ] Ruxandra > But yes, he does.
[ 2010.01.29 06:07:32 ] Heofz > of course
[ 2010.01.29 06:07:43 ] Heofz > but is it such that isk will *never* be a problem for him
[ 2010.01.29 06:07:43 ] Ruxandra > He buys it from an exclusive company, he claimed.
[ 2010.01.29 06:07:52 ] Ruxandra > Which is private and not known publicly by too many people.
[ 2010.01.29 06:08:00 ] Heofz > as in, he has a seemingly unlimited supply of isk
[ 2010.01.29 06:08:04 ] Ruxandra > No, isk could be a problem for him.
[ 2010.01.29 06:08:13 ] Ruxandra > It would depend on how much he would pour into the game.
[ 2010.01.29 06:08:35 ] Ruxandra > He's probably worth around 60 - 70 billion at any given time.
[ 2010.01.29 06:08:40 ] Ruxandra > Assets redacted, just liquid.
[ 2010.01.29 06:08:58 ] Heofz > i see
[ 2010.01.29 06:13:56 ] Ruxandra > He's not nearly the richest player in the game nor even close - he's up there, though.
[ 2010.01.29 06:14:24 ] Heofz > i always knew something was up with him lol
[ 2010.01.29 06:14:50 ] Heofz > smells like a goon to me
[ 2010.01.29 06:15:02 ] Ruxandra > Not quite, he's actually an idiot.
[ 2010.01.29 06:15:12 ] Ruxandra > Mostly Harmless is as far as he goes.
[ 2010.01.29 06:15:16 ] Ruxandra > He has limited PVP experience.
[ 2010.01.29 06:15:19 ] Ruxandra > The guy is a carebear.
[ 2010.01.29 06:15:22 ] Heofz > yeah i noticed
[ 2010.01.29 06:15:38 ] Heofz > he got killed by a pos in a stealth bomber not too long ago
[ 2010.01.29 06:15:48 ] Heofz > one of ours :)
[ 2010.01.29 06:16:02 ] Heofz > with nobody else around
[ 2010.01.29 06:16:09 ] Ruxandra > That's funny.
[ 2010.01.29 06:17:09 ] Heofz > gotta love it
[ 2010.01.29 06:17:31 ] Heofz > i knew there was cloak & dagger stuff going on in eve
[ 2010.01.29 06:17:44 ] Heofz > but i never thought it went to such depths
[ 2010.01.29 06:17:47 ] Ruxandra > Oh, this stuff is new to you?
[ 2010.01.29 06:17:56 ] Heofz > i'm a 4 month old player :)
[ 2010.01.29 06:18:10 ] Heofz > but like many people tell you i learn things quickly
[ 2010.01.29 06:18:19 ] Ruxandra > http://eve.klaki.net/heist/
[ 2010.01.29 06:18:27 ] Ruxandra > That is much more impressive than this little op.
[ 2010.01.29 06:18:35 ] Ruxandra > That was a year long expedition.
[ 2010.01.29 06:18:44 ] Heofz > oh yeah i knew stuff like that happened
[ 2010.01.29 06:18:53 ] Heofz > but i never thought i would be involved in it
[ 2010.01.29 06:19:05 ] Heofz > let alone uncover part of an op
[ 2010.01.29 06:19:14 ] Heofz > almost singlehandedly
[ 2010.01.29 06:19:19 ] Heofz > sheerly out of curiousity
[ 2010.01.29 06:19:58 ] Ruxandra > Yeah, I've been doing things like this - for quite a while.

onsdag 27 januari 2010

Report from 0.0

My benefactor got into a 0.0 corp after having lived in wh-space and trying a high sec indy corp - it all just felt too safe and boring. We'll still have to see how things work out.

Before going to this corp though, he was in Nightmare Inc, with the indication that it was not to be a pvp only alliance/corp. Quite soon it all turned out to be just that - a pvp corp/alliance. So he got out. And quite soon it appeared not all was as it should be in the corp and alliance.

Just over a week ago Atlas found out that Undivided were killing blues, not just killing blues but had created an alt corp "fallen knights" with the explicit intent to kill blues.

Atlas contacted Davet517(the leader at the time), lost Packet (EU diplo) and Viod Hawk (US Diplo and creator of the alt corp), Davet517 gave the assurance that Undivided would stampout the blue on blue killing and atlas decided to leave it in his hands.

Davet517 called a meeing within undivided, where he communicated to undivided that blue on blue killing must stop or Atlas would evict undivided. Void Hawk took exception to this and using his director ship in the holding corp kicked Davet517's corp from the alliance, then started a campaign of mud slinging against Davet517 and Atlas Prelate (all lies and all instantly provable as so)

Atlas decided undivided would be evicted from their space and at the request of Davet517 they were given a long period in which to evacuate their assets (2 weeks, normally 48 hours) on the condition they hand over Sov and the 2 stations they held, after 24 hours they had not complied, so the notice period was reduced to 1 week and a deadline for handing SOV and station over was set at 6AM today or the would be reset.

6AM passed and they started shooting blues, they have now been reset and I guess they will be evicted shortly.

The die hards are still out there in my benefactors former home space, EUU, Q3 and 3AE in Insmother. Nightmare Inc has shrunk from 120+ to 66 pilots, and Undivided is now completely just that with only 7 corps still there. Weird things seems to happen to the alliances my dear benefactor is in - hopefully Green Alliance will survive him.

In wormhole

I'm now in a wormhole class 5. I'm supposed to be the guard dog to a bunch of pinatas =).
First encounter didn't really end well at all, as we had a visit by a Proteus during a mining op. My poor Cane died ofcourse, but I got a new one now. Hull upgrades V and then on to a HAC or a Broadsword. Probably by way of a Sabre first.
Cruiser V is not a skill to be looked forward to ... but it's for the good of all I hope. I'm also getting a Tempest in, just need the iskies to fit it and a support crew and I'll be able to help out clearing belts and stuff.