lördag 27 augusti 2011

Been a while - we're in Fade

So Fatal Ascension moved to Fade. From Fountain.
So, we ground sov. We've killed stations and POSs. In stealth bombers!

It's been the same routine most of the times, we fleet up in SBs, start shooting whatever space junk is needed to get destroyed and eventually Pandemic Legion gets a cyno ship in, light the cyno and in jump anything from 4-10 caps and super caps.
Upon which we cloak and get out of there. Rinse repeat. Untill PL drops the ball and nothing happens and the structure dies.

Lately we've coordinated with Goons welpfleets. Which means that things go faster, and PL caps dies horribly. It seems to me that PL is failing with most defences these days. They've lost caps in the dozens lately, I think the weeks result (!) is in the neighbourhood of 15 caps and a super. Wtf is up with that?

Anyway, lots of POS and station shoot recently, but we're almost done I think. All PL tech moons are now former PL tech in the safe hands of FA. Unless I miss something. We're getting organized - and I think stuff can go back to normal now. Just need the roams.

Oh, and yesterday I was in on two dread kills. When logged on there was a hysterical Zagdul on alliance chat yelling for welpfleets in K4 to get on the titan and jump to save a tech moon of Goons. Apparently another dozen of PL dreads had gone into siege (which for the uninitiated means they are sitting ducks while dishing out tremendous damage at what the target). Welpfleet was to jump in to system and kill off the ducks, and support fleet.

There was a big scramble to get organized but I managed to get on the titan eventually, jump over to KLY and ... where the feck was the fleet? Lots of confusion, lots of www in fleet as people where gathering in VFK and K4 with www's aplenty drowning the location in the target system. When I finally got on grid, most of the dreads were already dead - the remaining support fleet were retreating and only a token few dreads still alive. One died as soon as i got there, but got in on the other two.

måndag 18 juli 2011

VFK "Leet" pvpers and all that

So I'm on holiday from mayhem.
And that's when a group of people calling themselves "LEETPVP" or somesuch thinks it's ok to attack Deklein. As we are part of the Deklein coalition we are ordered to deploy up north for a few. The supercap heavies start their invasion (Ev0ke, NC., PL, Raiden., IRC) and manage to gain a few system - partly because

a/ Mostly Harmless decides to consider defection (and later actually does it seems) dropping all their space. A couple of weeks later MH disbands.
b/ "Leet" pvp apparently involves supercap blobing. And we mess up the cyno jammers on a system or two.

Then "Leet" make a push for VFK, DKUK and other vital systems. Stuff is reinforced all over the place, hostile staging POSs go up and off they log. Some of them, others jump their supers back to their homelands.

This is obviously a mistake, either you invade full scale and stay there (6VDT anyone?) or you don't invade, or at least jump out all your supers from Goon space. What happens when you try a "trickle invasion" leaving unprotected staging POSs in hostile mainland, is ... yes you guessed it - 6VDT again. The horn of Goondor is blown, main Goon space is turned into a blue Jita and the pitiful remains of the invading forces are bubbled to hell and back in "rape cages". Every single hostile POS is bubbled, every single gate is bubbled, home space is filled with blues 23½/7 and all gates are camped. The systems are cyno jammed. The remaining invasion forces are trapped ....

Don't forget 6VDT - "I was there" =)

We hell camped it for days on end. Goons, Test and FA (the 3 main alliances forming the fleets out here) will hell camp Deklein until the invasion forces are obliterated. Or the "Leet" forces manage to turn the cyno jammers off.

From what I've seen of rescue attempts (and breakout attempts) the "Leet" forces are seriously underwhelming when it comes to subcap battle.

Following on all this, we had an Awoxer in our midst (again). It's out of our corp, but we are now scrambling to reorganize as our CEO stood down in the aftermath of the event.

torsdag 7 juli 2011

To celebrate the holiday

And to cheer me up after losing a shitload of ships this week.
I got the last Ashimmu in Fountain (at least for now).

I've ordered my faction mods, will have Amarr cruiser V when I'm back and dear God don't get near this beast of a heavy tackler on gate camps, With 18km 90% web, 3 med neuts and a gang backup, you will be so dead =)
Really looking forward to take this out for a camp or two.

That it looks so sexy doesn't hurt any either =)

tisdag 5 juli 2011

A bitch of a miserable week

3 ships in a week. I'm going back to mining...
1 Maelstrom in the defence of DKUK where we completely routed evoke and friends. I managed to warp out (it was lagging badly) and back in on top of the evoke fleet. Not a good manouvre. Another Maelstrom in defence of VFK for god knows what reason I was primaried. And now, bad to extremely bad luck we managed to warp into a red bomber camp and my Huginn went bye-bye. I take some consolation that the Huginn is my least like T2 ship.

I'm off on holiday soon. When I'm back I get a Zealot and/or an Ashimmu for armor roams. Ashimmu looks so nasty I really want to have one.

lördag 2 juli 2011


We're ordered to join the fight in Deklein. So fight we do.
NC., Evoke, Raiden, PL and whatnot is trying to take Deklein from Goons and DekC. This is an outrages provocation. It cannot be tolerated and they will be pushed out, back where they belong.

onsdag 29 juni 2011

First blue kill

Oops ...

But it was not really an accident, nor some awoxing activity. More like body guard duty. We were chasing a small fleet together with Test and sandwiched them close to PNQY. So while we were camping a gate there we get on comms that someone was shooting our mighty leader. As he was in a faction frigate he was getting pretty worried about it all.

Turned out it was a newbie Test guy with fucked up overview. Down goes the little Jaguar.

As to the neut fleet we were blue balled by Test ... after much excited voices on comms it turns out the fleet flew straight into the Test gate camp, and swiftly lost several ships. They ran just as we got into warp to the gate where the fighting was ending. The next 45 mins was spent roaming Fountain without much luck and playing log offski games with the reminder of the neut fleet.

fredag 17 juni 2011

It's been a terrific week

The battle of CIS was a blast. It's a bit hard getting my head around how we spanked the fleets out there. Amazing - in a fine way.

A whole bunch of new kills today. Not on the CIS level, but nevertheless, spankingwise we are now running the show. Keeping the lesser entities out of our space, or punishing them if they for some misbegotten reason try roaming in it. This time it was a motley fleet from "Monkey Circus" that got severely punished. Call went out in alliance that a camping gang expected a hostile fleet close by. So, reinforcements were added to the campers and off we went.

We caught them off PNQY and chased them into a neighbouring system. Faced by either continuing deeper into DekC space or trying to get home again, they chose the latter. When trying to escape we caught their seemingly disorganised fleet on a gate and swiftly proceeded to obliterate it. We had 8-10 kills to one 1 loss, while only very few ships got away, basically because of lack of bubblers on our part.

Earlier in the day I had two kills on my "Super wolf" which is, unfortunately no longer. It has lived well passed the expected time-to-live date anyway. Need to replace it now. No Wolfs in 9r4 to be had though. My sniping Muninn set-up seems to work really well, even if there no sniping involved in today's activities - it's still a powerful HAC doing at least as much damage as battle cruisers.

söndag 12 juni 2011

The Battle of CIS

It was completely awesome. Although the fleet invite was nothing out of the ordinary - as standard "Strat op" to win a Tech moon in CIS. During dinner time. Fortunately it all was a bit delayed, so I got back from dinner in time to join. As I haven't had the time to move my alpha maelstrom from YI- yet I had to sign up with my sniper HAC - which turned out completely brilliant.

We were titan bridged onto unsuspecting enemies and their POS and after a few confused seconds where a corp mate managed to lose his Scorpion we warped off to regroup and engage in an orderly fashion.

So we went back, and meeting a fleet of our own size local was filled with 230+ pilots fighting for the moon. In the middle of our FC calling out primaries, secondaries and tertiaries - which we swiftly proceeded to kill off - news came of a tackled enemy Titan. It managed to kill two of our carriers but as everyone wanted in on a titan kill, it fairly rapidly got into mid armor - and did a logoffski.

Having lost a juice titan kill we were immediately distracted from it as the remaining enemy fleet continued to fight. My little sniper HAC (a Muninn, 110km range standalone, 121 with fleet bonuses) faught, heavily and dodging in and out among the battleships, getting under fire - taking damage, getting repped by our logis, sniping away at the enemies, T2 cruisers, battleships and whatever was called. At one point it looked like I was going to die, as I had gotten too far away from our logis, and was taking bad shield damage bleading into armor. Turning on the micro warp drive and burning out to sniping distance kept the ship alive to see the end of the battle, while killing everything in sight.

What a difference to the last time we engaged Rooks and Kings. That time my benefactor lost his Scimi, and the entire fleet was spanked pretty badly. Now, this time, we did the spanking.

lördag 19 februari 2011

First kill for -FA-

Former allies and general shoot everything that flies, Godfathers, came visiting in our new home a pocket from V6 on out in Fountain. We had them trapped in two dead end systems and after a bit of gate camping trying to probe them down, they got reinforcements from NPC space and decided to make a run for freedom. A cry went out from our scout in a neighbouring system, and our probers at the same time - and then they all jump out of the trap.

Vagabond was called primary, bubble went up and we got him to structure when reinforcements warp in on the gate. So while I finished off the vaga we were at the same time getting the f- out off the gate. While I - again - watched as my shield and armor melted rapidly away from my poor hound...

This time I got out of the bubble with the luxury of 90% structure left. Second battle I almost died in it, but it survived - I love my trusty Wolf =)

måndag 14 februari 2011

Waiting ...

So we are moving from Convicted (A.I.F) to Fatal Ascension (FA). Will be interesting. Hopefully only a few hours left until I can undock tomorrow morning and start getting all my stuff the last few jumps. Benefactor has been doing silly missions, got a 100m+ implant as a reward, as well as a 3x blueprint of stuff 40-60m a piece. Maybe I should pod him?

And yeah, the move went all according to plan. Not a red in sight, even when flying the Noctis the last few.

söndag 13 februari 2011

Moving ...

I'm moving all my ships to a system closer to the action. After having flown 2 HACs, a battleships and a covops over to PNQY using the jump bridges from TN- I now have only a Noctis to get some 20 jumps over. The plan is:

1. Jump back to an empty clone in Geminate
2. Suicide that to get to TN- without moving a ship
3. Fly a shuttle from TN- to 9-4
3b. Load all crap into the Noctis
4. Fly the Noctis from 9-4 to PNQY
5. Set med clone to PNQY

Phew ... 6 hours to wait to jump.
And that will most likely be all that's done until Tuesday. At the end of this mini-op I'll still have a stealth bomber in 6VDT. Need to figure out the best way of getting that thing out of there ...

And yeah, almost forgot - I got myself a new HAC. Rather than the Vaga I've flown a couple of times, I had to re-ship in a hurry at one time and the only thing I thought good enough was a Muninn, sniping fit apparently. Got some solid 80-90km range on that thing ... very neat. Already got a kill on it as well, when bashing a tower in Syndicate. Need to fly it more to know how to handle it, as the name of the thing reveals "Wtf is this thing" =)

torsdag 10 februari 2011

Well the war is over

more or less anyway.
IT is ground into dust. Fountain has largely been taken, and there there is only token mop up operations to be done. Time for roams. And make iskies maybe.

I've done two recently, both in Fountain. One success full with 4 kills in the first engagement. I brought my little trusty Wolf out to null. And seeing the tank evaporate to battlecruisers and other ships I somehow managed to hold on and kill four of them before they were all itsy-bitsy. Left the field with 30% armor left - woooohoooo =)
Second roam, was on for one and a half hours - got 1 pod. Stupid targeting was bugged or whatever, maybe need to replace bits and pieces of it ... again ... And of course, just as I leave (or bit after really) there is this large battle with lots of murder and mayhem =( Bugger.

Even considering joining in the Hulkageddon, just for giggles. We'll see - there's a thrasher waiting to be fit.

lördag 22 januari 2011

I fired that painter

Got a photographer instead. And that pic was a few years old anyway.
Hectic few days away, so nothing much happening at the moment. My benefactor got in on 8 (!) kills in one campaign ... that's not fair. He is the industrialist.

But I think the pic is much better, I wonder what will happen when Incarna strikes. We've been having weird discussions all week.

måndag 10 januari 2011

So now we are in Cloud Ring/ Fountain

Took a week getting all stuff out, or at least most stuff. Got some of it still in 9-4 and some in my old corp. Anyway, finally got in a the usually slightly chaotic Goon fleets. Flying about Fountain shooting space tins. Hopefully we'll find some flying space tins to shoot as well.