tisdag 28 juli 2009

Extended holiday from the Yarr

I quit my corp.

I didn't really want to but my daytime bring-money-to-table life got out of hand, and after being killed unnecessarily a couple of times I decided that enough was enough. My poor corp would look bad with me in it...

I joined my corp.

I didn't really want to at this time, but as a favour to my benefactor, I needed to start it up and do a bit of research. The research has taken me into Derelik low sec, which is home at this time in life. My new corp has it's head quarters in there as well.

Still, no low sec without an adventure. First couple of times into Dysa was a walk in the park. Last time I almost got killed. Apparently some lowlife is camping the system unbeknowst to me, and when undocking (noticing that some dozen of the systems 21 in local was in station) the aforementioned lowlife shot at me. Luckily I've trained up for this kind of situation and me and my Rifter got away from the T2 equiped Zealot in a flash and repaired in a safespot. Getting in on the gate to Arena I meet a napping Drake pilot and zip by him. No pursuit and the rest is the infamous walk in the park scenario.

Now I just need find time to go back to Jar to upgrade my ship after training for a 'dictor.

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