tisdag 24 augusti 2010

Back from holiday

A long one. And the corp moved, and changed alliance. In the nick of time apparently.
Our old area in Insmother is in the hands of Red Alliance nowadays.

We are now in Sev3rance up north. Some of our pvp-ers have been taking top spots in killing stuff for some time now, which is cool. And for some reason - I've found a bit of time for pvp as well.
we're having a nasty battle for D2-HOS on at the moment, and I thought I'd join up in a fleet a few days ago. Unfortunately familly business and other RL got in the way, so I missed the formup and leaving of fleet. Not long after our fleet left a largish red fleet came through the system I was fitting my spanking brand new Vaga in. Apparently the idea was to catch our fleet between reinforcements for the POS bash and the BC fleet. Fortunately our support caught up with the reds and engaged them en route while the main POS bashing gang went about their business.
A few late comers set up an "impromptu" gate camp behind the red support fleet, in effect cathing them between our support and a camped gate. Joining in, it was picking candy from a baby. Either killing off pods trying to escape from the system, or preventing reinforcements reaching them.
Got 8 kills off of that.

Another battle ensued for D2-HOS today. Brought a stealth bomber to the party, but the party got pretty laggy with 600+ in system. I guess we'll see tomorrow what damage I did, at least one kill - a logoffsky Drake apart from the possible mayhem some bombing runs did.

This was the first time I got home in the same stealth bomber that I left with - cool =) And the score in Sev3rance is now up to (at least) 9 kills 0 losses ... weird that.

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