torsdag 22 april 2010

No, didn't work out

Empire simply got too boring. My former corp broke out of my next to former corp. Originally to start a PvP corp, which turned out to be not so much PvP corp (rather a copy of the original, sans CEO). At least I got to run a few ventures into Placid low sec and Syndicate null sec. Nothing to report from those, apart from getting blown up once. Made a bit of iskies ratting tho.

And got corp mates blown up ratting.

So eventually I joined up with my benefactor in Insmother. We are both now out in null sec, which is great fun. I just need to get all my stuff out here somehow, a couple of skillbooks (all my drone skills, and cruise missies), my Tempest and ceptor. In a couple of days I'm done training for an interdictor, then I'll consolidate my supportskills. And go on PvP ops =))
(So I'll be up to 2x Cane, 1x Ceptor, Dictor, Tempest, Hound).

Did a bit of isk ratting in Insmother in my PvP fit Cane, more, actually than with gazillions of L1 and L2 missions... in 2 minutes.

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