tisdag 4 maj 2010

another kill =)

The first in ages. A mighty shuttle, a first red kill. I will not go into details on the thing as it was not particularly honorable - lol. More like a sever parking ticket. Maybe that'll teach him not to park whereever he wants, especially not in our systems. But prolly not.

There has been rumours of war and invasion of our home. And after a day of increasingly frequent fleets roaming around, making my head spin, and a day full of reported blackops around the major centers out here (and we live only 3 jumps off from 2 of them) we saw another wave of blobs forming up from Red Alliance and Solar fleet. Fuckturds even bubbled on of the stations. Then we saw an alliance mail about a diplomatic solution to the situation - we'll see what happens in the near future.

Back to ratting and getting my ships out then.

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