onsdag 29 juni 2011

First blue kill

Oops ...

But it was not really an accident, nor some awoxing activity. More like body guard duty. We were chasing a small fleet together with Test and sandwiched them close to PNQY. So while we were camping a gate there we get on comms that someone was shooting our mighty leader. As he was in a faction frigate he was getting pretty worried about it all.

Turned out it was a newbie Test guy with fucked up overview. Down goes the little Jaguar.

As to the neut fleet we were blue balled by Test ... after much excited voices on comms it turns out the fleet flew straight into the Test gate camp, and swiftly lost several ships. They ran just as we got into warp to the gate where the fighting was ending. The next 45 mins was spent roaming Fountain without much luck and playing log offski games with the reminder of the neut fleet.

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