fredag 17 juni 2011

It's been a terrific week

The battle of CIS was a blast. It's a bit hard getting my head around how we spanked the fleets out there. Amazing - in a fine way.

A whole bunch of new kills today. Not on the CIS level, but nevertheless, spankingwise we are now running the show. Keeping the lesser entities out of our space, or punishing them if they for some misbegotten reason try roaming in it. This time it was a motley fleet from "Monkey Circus" that got severely punished. Call went out in alliance that a camping gang expected a hostile fleet close by. So, reinforcements were added to the campers and off we went.

We caught them off PNQY and chased them into a neighbouring system. Faced by either continuing deeper into DekC space or trying to get home again, they chose the latter. When trying to escape we caught their seemingly disorganised fleet on a gate and swiftly proceeded to obliterate it. We had 8-10 kills to one 1 loss, while only very few ships got away, basically because of lack of bubblers on our part.

Earlier in the day I had two kills on my "Super wolf" which is, unfortunately no longer. It has lived well passed the expected time-to-live date anyway. Need to replace it now. No Wolfs in 9r4 to be had though. My sniping Muninn set-up seems to work really well, even if there no sniping involved in today's activities - it's still a powerful HAC doing at least as much damage as battle cruisers.

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