tisdag 5 juli 2011

A bitch of a miserable week

3 ships in a week. I'm going back to mining...
1 Maelstrom in the defence of DKUK where we completely routed evoke and friends. I managed to warp out (it was lagging badly) and back in on top of the evoke fleet. Not a good manouvre. Another Maelstrom in defence of VFK for god knows what reason I was primaried. And now, bad to extremely bad luck we managed to warp into a red bomber camp and my Huginn went bye-bye. I take some consolation that the Huginn is my least like T2 ship.

I'm off on holiday soon. When I'm back I get a Zealot and/or an Ashimmu for armor roams. Ashimmu looks so nasty I really want to have one.

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