måndag 18 juli 2011

VFK "Leet" pvpers and all that

So I'm on holiday from mayhem.
And that's when a group of people calling themselves "LEETPVP" or somesuch thinks it's ok to attack Deklein. As we are part of the Deklein coalition we are ordered to deploy up north for a few. The supercap heavies start their invasion (Ev0ke, NC., PL, Raiden., IRC) and manage to gain a few system - partly because

a/ Mostly Harmless decides to consider defection (and later actually does it seems) dropping all their space. A couple of weeks later MH disbands.
b/ "Leet" pvp apparently involves supercap blobing. And we mess up the cyno jammers on a system or two.

Then "Leet" make a push for VFK, DKUK and other vital systems. Stuff is reinforced all over the place, hostile staging POSs go up and off they log. Some of them, others jump their supers back to their homelands.

This is obviously a mistake, either you invade full scale and stay there (6VDT anyone?) or you don't invade, or at least jump out all your supers from Goon space. What happens when you try a "trickle invasion" leaving unprotected staging POSs in hostile mainland, is ... yes you guessed it - 6VDT again. The horn of Goondor is blown, main Goon space is turned into a blue Jita and the pitiful remains of the invading forces are bubbled to hell and back in "rape cages". Every single hostile POS is bubbled, every single gate is bubbled, home space is filled with blues 23½/7 and all gates are camped. The systems are cyno jammed. The remaining invasion forces are trapped ....

Don't forget 6VDT - "I was there" =)

We hell camped it for days on end. Goons, Test and FA (the 3 main alliances forming the fleets out here) will hell camp Deklein until the invasion forces are obliterated. Or the "Leet" forces manage to turn the cyno jammers off.

From what I've seen of rescue attempts (and breakout attempts) the "Leet" forces are seriously underwhelming when it comes to subcap battle.

Following on all this, we had an Awoxer in our midst (again). It's out of our corp, but we are now scrambling to reorganize as our CEO stood down in the aftermath of the event.

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