lördag 27 augusti 2011

Been a while - we're in Fade

So Fatal Ascension moved to Fade. From Fountain.
So, we ground sov. We've killed stations and POSs. In stealth bombers!

It's been the same routine most of the times, we fleet up in SBs, start shooting whatever space junk is needed to get destroyed and eventually Pandemic Legion gets a cyno ship in, light the cyno and in jump anything from 4-10 caps and super caps.
Upon which we cloak and get out of there. Rinse repeat. Untill PL drops the ball and nothing happens and the structure dies.

Lately we've coordinated with Goons welpfleets. Which means that things go faster, and PL caps dies horribly. It seems to me that PL is failing with most defences these days. They've lost caps in the dozens lately, I think the weeks result (!) is in the neighbourhood of 15 caps and a super. Wtf is up with that?

Anyway, lots of POS and station shoot recently, but we're almost done I think. All PL tech moons are now former PL tech in the safe hands of FA. Unless I miss something. We're getting organized - and I think stuff can go back to normal now. Just need the roams.

Oh, and yesterday I was in on two dread kills. When logged on there was a hysterical Zagdul on alliance chat yelling for welpfleets in K4 to get on the titan and jump to save a tech moon of Goons. Apparently another dozen of PL dreads had gone into siege (which for the uninitiated means they are sitting ducks while dishing out tremendous damage at what the target). Welpfleet was to jump in to system and kill off the ducks, and support fleet.

There was a big scramble to get organized but I managed to get on the titan eventually, jump over to KLY and ... where the feck was the fleet? Lots of confusion, lots of www in fleet as people where gathering in VFK and K4 with www's aplenty drowning the location in the target system. When I finally got on grid, most of the dreads were already dead - the remaining support fleet were retreating and only a token few dreads still alive. One died as soon as i got there, but got in on the other two.

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