lördag 6 februari 2010

Moar EVE drama

Why does EVE bring out all the worst in people?

We had this guy in corp who didn't like management. So he leaves corp, and as a parting gift kills and pods the one guy who at all costs dislikes PVP. So much so that he logs and stays off during wars.

That was such a chicken thing to do Dani, wasn't it? What had Beka done to you Dani? You feel better destroying 700m ISKies for someone not involved in your personal problems?

So instead of agressing someone who would give you a fight. You are so fail as to target the one guy who officially wants nothing at all to do with pvp and such things. And doesn't suspect someone in his own corp to be such a shithead.

Fucking pathetic is what it is ... honest.
Let me the fuck out of the wormhole and I'll pod your sorry ass.
/me hates baby sitting wormholes at the moment.
/me hates Concord even more - the fuckturd would just go sit in safe space =(

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