fredag 5 februari 2010

Wormhole pirates

My corp moved to a class 5 wormhole a few weeks ago. After having lived in a dried up class 3 patience ran out of the powers that be, and the move was made. A few mining ops and some pew situations (I managed to lose a Cane to a Proteus) later real bad shit happened.

3 days ago I log on to find a discussion about the traffic in the hole. Apparently no one has done anything to stop it, but there was industrials and various combat ships around. A tower went up. And then - shit happened -.

Not one, but two Dreadnoughts were on scan. Then as fast as they could register the fact, the pos was attacked. Not much else to do but to negotiate - and a horrible sum of ISKies changed hands.

Now for 1+ days I've been hauling crap and fail fitted ships out of the hole. The more hilarious one was a BS with long range weapons, a scan booster and .... stabs .... wtf. Or a BC with short range guns and stabs (risk of hitting your own ship there...).

Oh well .... dunno what I'm going to do now. Corp is talking about restructuring, refilling corp wallet. I hate missions - and don't mine ...

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