torsdag 27 maj 2010

More action

As usual these days, time have been lacking. But the action is here in Insmother if you know where to look and dare to participate.

The other day HTA decided to take down a hostile POS in their space. They had eliminated a hostile TCU a week or so earlier but the POS they had managed to defend (if it was Solar Fleet or Red Alliance I don't remember). We managed to assemble a group of caps and a largish support fleet and headed off. We waited on a gate for a few minutes while listening to intel of the approaching fleet. And warped in they did, together with a main group of somewhere between 10-15 super caps. At one time there was a total of 250+ reds in system, and our FCs went down pretty fast as the super caps started making themselves felt and anhilating our caps.

It was a horrible rout. And I lost yet another ship, my BS this time. Atlas turned up a bit later and help getting the reds out. We managed to get a revenge fleet going where I got in on a small revenge kill - through my benefactor.

Today, tho - we've been seen a Solar fleet guy flying around our home systems. when he left I went shopping in C-J, hearing that the Solar guy is in the adjectant system. So I say I'm leaving C-J for 88a and ... there he is - on the gate, in a Merlin. I tell the people on our home channel this and leave him for a while to let the guys get there. When my invisibility timer reaches 0 I decide to engage - approach, mwd, scram, shoot ....
My Wolf is making good progress through the shields when Michelle in a Vaga reaches the gate. The Merlin is dead, but he gets off with his pod anyway...

Still a nice difference from losing all sorts of ships out here in null.

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