måndag 31 maj 2010

The Spire I

I heard about some new ideas in one of our channels so I thought I'd go out and do a bit of naughtiness before I leave on holiday. After setting off from X5 I put my goal at the first system in The Spire and off I go... only to get caught in a blue bubble after a few jumps. And discover I forgot to put an Microwarp drive on the ship. So I head back towards a station (the one in C-J) and get myself a MWD.

Then from there I again head towards the first system in The Spire, but instead of travelling through our own space I have to visit Red Alliance. Nothing in particular happened, apart from finding two Dominition spawn camping gates ... how good a spawn they are in Drone country I have no idea, and I don't have a ship to take them on anyway. I'd leave my for the carebears instead.

I'll venture further out in next stage.

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