lördag 19 februari 2011

First kill for -FA-

Former allies and general shoot everything that flies, Godfathers, came visiting in our new home a pocket from V6 on out in Fountain. We had them trapped in two dead end systems and after a bit of gate camping trying to probe them down, they got reinforcements from NPC space and decided to make a run for freedom. A cry went out from our scout in a neighbouring system, and our probers at the same time - and then they all jump out of the trap.

Vagabond was called primary, bubble went up and we got him to structure when reinforcements warp in on the gate. So while I finished off the vaga we were at the same time getting the f- out off the gate. While I - again - watched as my shield and armor melted rapidly away from my poor hound...

This time I got out of the bubble with the luxury of 90% structure left. Second battle I almost died in it, but it survived - I love my trusty Wolf =)

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