söndag 13 februari 2011

Moving ...

I'm moving all my ships to a system closer to the action. After having flown 2 HACs, a battleships and a covops over to PNQY using the jump bridges from TN- I now have only a Noctis to get some 20 jumps over. The plan is:

1. Jump back to an empty clone in Geminate
2. Suicide that to get to TN- without moving a ship
3. Fly a shuttle from TN- to 9-4
3b. Load all crap into the Noctis
4. Fly the Noctis from 9-4 to PNQY
5. Set med clone to PNQY

Phew ... 6 hours to wait to jump.
And that will most likely be all that's done until Tuesday. At the end of this mini-op I'll still have a stealth bomber in 6VDT. Need to figure out the best way of getting that thing out of there ...

And yeah, almost forgot - I got myself a new HAC. Rather than the Vaga I've flown a couple of times, I had to re-ship in a hurry at one time and the only thing I thought good enough was a Muninn, sniping fit apparently. Got some solid 80-90km range on that thing ... very neat. Already got a kill on it as well, when bashing a tower in Syndicate. Need to fly it more to know how to handle it, as the name of the thing reveals "Wtf is this thing" =)

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