onsdag 22 december 2010

Almost Christmas and frell I know what is going on

O, joyous period of the year is approaching. Not. Rather than merriment and hostilities, it's frell I know what and hostilities.

Geminate - the place in space we currently call home is being invaded. It was clear that is would happen from the start. Drone russians thought Geminate would be a good Christmas gift to their guys (and gals). About the same time the russian invasion starts, RAGE thinks it is a good time to chuck C0nvicted out of Geminate...

The reasons why are .... let's say slightly obscure. And C0nvicted top guys seriously lacks communications skills .... Everything will be explained on Friday is the now too familiar explanation as to why the f* we should evac. Or not. Or what the hell. I don't know. I guess I'll try to find a contract to get my ratting ship out then. That's about all I've managed to get in so far. Oh, and then there is the rumour that we are out of NC (which seems logical as we are there as guests of RAGE). But checking my old corp - we are still blue. So no reset. Yet.
Then we had a rumour that RAGE changed their minds and we are not to be chucked out after all. Maybe.

And then there is the comforting thought that NC is going to drop a fleet on us any second. Althoguh I believe NC is involved in Fountain at the moment, which is at the other end of their space.

Null politics at their muddiest.

It's all very confuddling - there's an invasion of Geminate going on, and no one gives a sh** even if they should - maybe - save their home space - or RAGEs home space or NCs southeastern border, or whatever it is.

Come Christmas Eve we know, maybe. I'll know Christmas Day. I might be surrounded in red space when I sign on next =)

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