lördag 25 december 2010

Tomorrow we are game

So, it's back to the roots again eh?
Bring it on then ... Chiana has done this before. The carebear is out of harms way for now. All valueble assets (that ratting Maelstrom is something like 200m+ even if not faction fit, and the skillbook is also in empire) - damn I sold one for 130m in Cloud Ring, me and business ... It took a bit of a gamble and a pair of scout eye to get big slow Maelstrom out the door. Fortunately the pipe from LR to Aldik is short and has been fairly quiet during early holiday days. Still a few nerve wrecking moments with an afk-neut (who might or might not come alive) and another couple of hostiles in Eurgrana who were not on the gates. The afk cloaky neut is flying a Loki by the way. I happened to gather that, didn't pass it on. Let the fucktards find that out by themselves.

Got a few cheap ships still in Geminate, nothing to feel sorry for if/when they go poof ... Question is now what the carebear is going to do for a living. As the CEO said, it didn't exactly turn out as planned ...

We'll see how the plans with the alliance and with the budding indy section fares through all this. Won't do much anyway during the next few holi days =) OK, so - so far the top alliance beings have been still pretty quiet about everything, I still don't know exactly what's going on, and why and when things will be happening - apart from that tomorrow there is one planned op.
I am discovering - the hard way - that C0nvicted is not -7- I just wish it wasn't so bleeding obvious.

Oh well ... let the hostilities commence ...

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