tisdag 14 december 2010

A new start

First things first.
The war against againt Ev0ke (or eJoke as they were called) is over. -7- took over large parts of Cloud Ring, and Ev0ke left to harass other parts of the universe. Lots of fights was had, and the benefactor eventually settled on flying logistics. And stopped losing ships.
DRK ended up with a two systems in Cloud Ring, a gazillion POSes that needed constant feeding and good ratting. Also, lots of pew.

Unfortunately most of it were in times, this being was asleep.

So ended up ratting. A lot. Easy ISK making given 3-5 1.2 BS rats. But in the end a bit boring. And my benefactor managed to lose or misplace his hulk. So ...

To cut a lot of unnecessary text, I'm back in my first corp. Sons of Odin ... EU-based pirates, going null sec. There are apparently a couple of options, one being getting back into Pure Blind =) Which is a bit ironic as DRK moved out of that space ... If that's where we end up it'll be partaking in the Fountain campaign I guess. In EU-time hopefully. That'll be interesting.

Apparently also, SoO will put up a indy operation. I guess dear benefactor will enjoy carebearing in null again. He'll just have to stop misplacing his hulks. And get that Rorqual he has trained for...

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