söndag 26 december 2010

Day 1 - second outing

And there goes my Hound ... should have bought a second set of mods when I was at it tbh. Now I've got a hull, and assorted mods, but not a space worthy Hound. A pity, oh well at least I can give parts away to mates who might be able to assemble something of it - and sell the Hound if the worst comes to the worst.

We made the news at least : http://www.evenews24.com/2010/12/26/nc-revolt-c0nvicted-attacks-dem0n-hunters/

and battles are now 1-1 only because RAGE are incompetent enough not to handle a much smaller alliance on their own. It's actually pretty pathetic, I think we had 60+ vs 220+ when we had the second encounter. And a large part of that was NC allies, like MM, Systematic Cha0s, Mostly Harmless and other lesser enteties .... not. Truly pathetic. Well, RAGE is one alliance I won't join - please remind me of it if need be. I now know how it might have felt when my benefactors first null alliance got chucked out of Insmother ...

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