måndag 13 april 2009

Another one bites the dust

It was some time ago I posted. Now, with a second kill - this time of the mighty noobship (wasn't really aware that that was I was killing off) I feel like posting. A couple of days ago I was roaming my fav places in Placid and had trapped a cruiser, when it simply warped off. Due to my overly consumption of spirits at dinner, I had forgot to scramble the thing and kicked myself for a few hours over that. Especially as a destroyer simply warped off at first site a few moments later. Apparently a different coloured background on overview is enough to scare people off nowadays. Chickens :)

It's been a fairly meager week for the corp though. Not too many kills. So I'm still hard of cash - and helped my benefactor hauling ore for an hour or so, got a courier contract for my trusted Wooly Elephant (which I got out of Auner) to just make a few ISK. It was while getting Wooly out of Auner I took a peek at my old home ssytems. And found a noob mining around in Resbroko. Totally not paying attention until it was all too late. He saved his pod though.

If this cash crises continues for much longer I'll have to resort to running missions again. Otherwise my plan is to wait for -1.0 then do a bit of missioning.

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