tisdag 7 april 2009

1st kill :)

I'm sooo proud. My first killmail in the career and a minus standing to boot :). Kestrels simply aren't for lowsec, my benefactor says. Decent high sec mission boat for level 1 - no more. What happened today was that I stumbled into a roaming gang. Some 3-5 pretty hardcore pirates in higher tech ships were in system, or rather jumped into system seconds after I undocked. Had good use of my safe spots there. Jumping into neighbouring systems, they were there too. So thought the morning venture was a waste, but still gave it another try as I noticed there was a highsec indy corp member in system, somewhat less noob than me. Eventually the roaming gang left, and the indy came back ratting in low sec.

What went down was almost identical to what happened when I got podded some days back. Although she had managed to finish off the rats and was looting when I struck. Never had the chance of getting a defence in order probably, might be she never saw what happened until it was all over. Never relax in low sec. Ever.

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