måndag 6 april 2009

I'm such a frelling noob :(

My first golden egg found today, and I let it slip away. Going hunting in my new home area, and while setting up a few safe spots I stumble in on a system where the first thing I see is a flashy red ship. Off onto a moon - then the insight hits me....

Shit he was in a pod.
I let a handsome ransom off like that.
WTF am I doing???

Back to the gate where I saw my ransom, and a few secs before I get there he leaves the system. Where did he frelling go? Searched all three possibilities, but no where in either system. He got away...

I'm such a frelling noob :(

Before that I found victims in another system, but the were probably roaming together so it wasn't an option in my little eggshell... A day full disappointments so far.
And they continued. Later on during the day I went hunting for another noob in a Probe. I saw him three times, and all three times he got away. The last time he managed to warp before I got lock and could scramble him. A wee bit miffed with the day then.

Oh and btw, I got the video "Clear Skies" and watched it all. You should be able to not look too closely as the technical irregularities (character motion etc) are obvious if you do, but otherwise are really fine effort. And, and I didn't know this, its around my old home systems in the Metropolis/Heimatar area. Neat. And god Ravens are fugly.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Hehehe, like the Farscape reference there. It happens mate, they slip past you all the time. Better luck next time!!!

  2. I love Farscape, just need to find the Moya look-alike. :)
    And thx for dropping by.