söndag 19 april 2009

War! What is it good for?

Some of our guys poped a battleship the other day. :)
Apparently the poped party didn't think it was :)
Apparently only they may have :) poping battleships.
So they war deced us. :S
Mynxee wrote some time ago about Hellcats being war deced, and was a bit confused, like "Hey, we're pirates - we're in low sec. Shoot away. Why war dec? Whats the point?"

It's like, "Heads up guys, we're out to get you". Well thanks, I'll be even more paranoid (dunno if it's possible, I'll give it a try).

Was trying to do something about my sec status by doing a few missions and after a gazillion level 1s I got a boost. + 0.01.... oh well. Apparently, as a corp mate pointed out, I need some more skills for this to mission grinding to actually matter. I'm off to get it before war kicks in.

2 kommentarer:

  1. And my carebear alt just got war deced in his new corp. :)
    Heh, just about the first thing that happens. An exciting week.

  2. Aaand, I'll be having a Cane built for me :) I'm so happy :) a real Minnie battlecruiser :D. Woohoo!! I'm training BC skills at this moment so I'll be ready when it arrives. My alt says he's 50% ready to start building. Then I go and shoot someone and drop more in sec status so I can't go to him and get it, and he can't fly it here :S

    Lol - I'm sooo clever.