lördag 18 april 2009

The thankless task - take 2 and a life without ISK

I'm getting to develop a fav hunting ground. The guy I scanned down the other day and todays ground breaking kill - my first destroyer - both happened in the same system. First stumbled in on a Probe loitering about in the roid belts, but before I got a lock on that one (should I go scrambler or disruptor? With a disruptor I'd had two kills already) it warped off. Then in on scan came the Cormorant. Apparently rating, but got mixed up in a fight with King rat (a Corpi Baron). Apparently thought it'd take it on and was getting to look pear shaped when I simply helped it out of it's misery. Poor Cormorant, mishandled like that. I should really send half my kill mail to King Rat (nice book by the way - the one by China Mieville that is).

Then locked up the pod, but Mr Noob didn't reply to my friendly reminder of a possibility of saving his pod. Not even a slight touch by autocannon got him out of a chocked silence. With King Rat constantly blasting away (although not near hiting anything; Rico indirectly pointed out yesterday that they are not as horribly threatening as they may seem) and time running on I helped Mr Noob to reincarnation.

And now, Ouch, hurty ..., I'm barred from 1.0 sec system :)

Still no more ISK though :( First ransom attempt down the drain. Which means more utterly tediously, boring (but hopefully) bloody missions... god, I hate missions. Let the lemmings stand up to be counted...

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