onsdag 6 maj 2009

Chiana lost in space - part 3

OK, decided to try to get home again. I've been having a bit of fun - my first null sec access. Hey guys! You aren't claiming that area for yourself I hope. You know there is a back door just two jumps off from where you usually camp. Seems a bit daft to me - watching the front door and ignoring the back one, but what do I know of 0.0-tactics.

My Rifter is no match for the rats down here at the bottom of the pit, though so no rat kills for me. I did a plex (or sorts) which I got through the first two rooms with right tactics and not much trouble, but then face a swarm of rats, as well as a swarm of real people in local so had to abort that thing. Pity the keys are consummated when entering a new room though. Anyway, there's not one DED out here, but two. It seems however that in practice there is only one - the key wielding overseer alternates between the two. Anyhoo - on the track home-ish, hopefully without too much hassle and a kill or two ... I'll rejoice in the thought of saving a mill a jump all the way home. Pity Don doesn't pay me the same, I'd be rich enough to buy my Wolf when getting back.

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