onsdag 20 maj 2009

Eternal podding

There's an episode in the famous Sandman epos where he escapes from the Burgess clan after being trapped for dozens of years. The punishment for Burgess muchly junior is "eternal waking" (believing himself waking up from nightmares, only to wake up in a new one).

Yesterday was like eternal podding.

My dear benefactor is in a war and was moving some of his stuff to a new location outside of previous known WT grounds. He was in a Bestower when jumped by 3 guys and their drones. Chickens.

Later during the day I joined up with one of his mates and another bunch of probably decent outlaws (or former honorable outlaws). We went on a roam in a program called "daily pop". I sneaked out of base and ended up around Orvolle waiting for the rest of the gang. Fleeted we set out for a suicide cruise down Syndicate. Due to communication failure I missed out on killing a Ishkur and later internal crew communication made me drop back. Coms sorted I set off down after the rest of the gang which now were a few jumps into Syndicate. Not knowing if the path was clear and getting system calls from my mate I jumped into lawless land. First jump clear, ship on overview.

Speeding on to the next gate I make it there jump, and ... wtf .... like a fly on flypaper. Frelling bubble up apparently.

Await inevitable end.
Await cloning station.

Why the frell do I have my cloning station 14 jumps out from my home base?

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