söndag 3 maj 2009

An ebil piwate :}

Family thinks I'm an ebil piwate. Really. My son, an avid WoW player thinks its ebil putting an Brutix out of its misery. Well, my take on that is that if the Brutix pilot misconfigures a perfectly good battlecruiser and takes it low sec - he's getting what's coming to it. Me and a corp mate were out and up to no good when we got my favourite system of late. Everything good (to me) happens here for some reason. Jin then says "Brutix on scan" and later "On top station", so after decrypting the messages I set off to the top station. And find Jin and the Brutix staring each other down. Apparently the Brutix got away from Bloodmoney trainees, even killed one of them. We sat there looking at each other for a few secs. For some reason he didn't think to dock, protected by sentry guns. I mean, jumping a ship with two cruisers just doesn't work in sentry gun range. Seriously wounded the pilot instead took the ship down a roid belt. Baad decision.

We warped in, scrambled and that was the end of the poor thing. At least he managed to warp his pod off before I got a lock on it. Decent loot was shared by both anyway. All those hours ratting and missioning down the .... I'm even further down the road to -5 now. But what the ... the main thing is having fun.

I'm waiting for my Cane to be T2 fit before taking her down low sec. That'll give me time to get all supporting skills up as well. And get an insurance... 10 mil insurance is a bit insane I think. Oh well. But maybe not as insane as I would be if I lost an uninsured battlecruiser. More missions coming up with a bit of money I hope. My Pink Roach will handle those easily...

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