måndag 4 maj 2009

Chiana lost in space - part 1

I tried retracing our steps from yesterday, but I ended up in suburb to godknowswhere called Tamo. I set out from Eugler in my little frigate late Monday afternoon after stocking up on a few thousand rounds of ammunition. The thought was to get to my favourite haunt where we killed the Brutix the day before. Unfortunately, without maps (as I was to lazy to bring Ombeys excellent work in that regard) I was soon lost.

So wandering around space, drifting aimlessly from unknown, unpronouncable and muchly deserted system to the next unkonwn, as unpronouncable and as deserted system I found myself wishing for anything to happen. Encouraging words of "no, that's not on the map matey" from my corp mates and seeing no one (except for a fleeting glimpse of a alliance companion) to ask the way I all of a sudden found myself in Black Rise. And here I find, on the ships map system, the first traces of something interesting a null sec area. Unfortunately the first obvious entry point is heavily guarded and camped, as is evident by the number of ships killed. Completely lost in low sec I suddenly saw land, the "Isla de la Muerta" of the endless, lawless sea of (as it now was) Lonetrek low sec. Three or four empire systems suddenly lay before me, and reaching the first I thought I was in Turtuga. Bustling with life, the system was all of a sudden filled with gazillions (well at least 8) low sec pirates, mercs and hard core industrialists. It was like stumbling in on a scene from Pirates of the Caribean. Befitting that impression was the fact that the only other systems with ship kills was "Isla de la Muerta". This would have been a very nice time of actually been able to walk in station or visit planets or the like. I could have killed for the opportunity, a beer or whatever. Not able to I hope I didn't catch anything on the way here, as one of the areas I passed through had the ominous name of "Malariya", at the same as they were talking talking about Dengue fever on the radio.

But my goal was null sec. Studying the ships maps, whatever the state they are in, I seemed to have found a way past the heavily camped gate, going in a roundabout route down to the cryptically named systems, more akin to register plates than the friendly Turtuga, that signifies 0.0. On my way there, I had to dock up in Tamo for the night, finding in the process that there was a level 2 DED complex in this system. But I saved that for another day.

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