söndag 3 maj 2009

My Cane arrived

My trusted benefactor got my Cane delivered. He built it himself so is happy with that. I'm happy too, really happy. I'll be deadlier than ever. Especially as I'm training Gunnery V and will be done in a week. Now I've finally got something to go in gangs with, or something. At first, while I get all my skills on par I'll use it as a mission boat. Only got a lot of loot (or my benefactor has) so need to do a kind of weird setup that not something you'd want to PvP in. Now is the time to start looking for the setup, it'll have to be T1 for the time being though. And insurance, and decoration. Why not a pink Cane? Nice :) With flowers on.

Coming to think of it looks a bit like a roach. Hehe, my pink roach is going to spread fear into it's enemies :)

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