torsdag 7 maj 2009

I'm baack!

Hello dear future victims, Chiana is back.
Unfortunately the systems that were unpronouncable and deserted on the way out were as unpronouncable and deserted on the way back - so nothing much happened. Spent some time hunting a few (even more) minor players but they hid up when I got near. The little chickens. Now I'm pretty confident I've got the hang of the scanner so yes, I'm fairly certain they hid (last time I had this problem, any reason was a valid explanation as to why I didn't find them).

Something else recurring this time was that the autogenerated route - my own ship - tried to kill me. Looking at the 20 something jumps back home, I noticed that the last couple of dozen were a boring high sec. Checking more carefully I again got three 0.9 and at least one 1.0 systems ... jeez.

Quick change of settings to "Shortest ... ignore security".

Much better, and shorter =]

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