söndag 10 maj 2009

A day of frustrations

I just dumped my trusty Rifter for the Rupture. Added more tank and now the thing was too slow :( A noob piraty being in frig got away just because my AB was too bloody weak tangled into a bunch of roids. That might have been a bit lucky though as just seconds later a Hurricane descended on the scene. And off they warped. So I've upgraded. Earlier the reason for ditching the Rifter was another new one venturing out into low sec in a drone factory, a.k.a Thorax. Until I'm flying my BC low sec I'll keep away from those when in my Rifter. It seems though that theres been slight increase in people getting into low sec with better ships - at least where I am. So - upgrade time. Need to figure out how to set this thing up for speed though.

Earlier, my benefactor went camping in high sec as he's war deced (... again). The rag tag fleet trapped and chased a "Dictor" into a station, but the intended victim undocked with a pod and got through. His new Scorpion battleship hasn't seen any real pew pew yet, much to my benefactors great sorrow.

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