tisdag 10 mars 2009

Close encounter with a rat

Usually rats aren't a problem. Just use a bit of rat poison or a cat. Or fly a decent ship. In low sec, as I came to understand today, a decent ship is something a wee bit closer to a battle cruiser than the piece of junk I'm hauling about at the moment.

Short note to self
"Don't go rating in a frig. Train to at least a cruiser. Pester benefactor for more cash."

I'm almost not hauling the junk around anymore, but am still stuck to it. So after making the mental note I went off rating in my home system. And I got one! I almost got caught myself, but still... I'm soooo proud - my first low sec rat :) (Why does this make me feel like Gollum fishing?)

Did a bit more exploring today too. In one system I found an active gate to a room filled with annoyed rats. All of them aggroed at the same time. Got the hell out of there.

Short note to self
"Come back with something closer to a battlecruiser and teach the rats proper behaviour."

Went down into .2 sec - extremely uneventful. I see people in local chat. And that's the only place I see them. Or rather him/her. Again it's almost empty around this system. It's like moving around in a ghost system, the Bermuda triangle of this area or something alike. Scary.

This surely can't go on, or it's mine for the taking. (She said hybriotically, 2 days old in low sec).

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