torsdag 19 mars 2009

Don't trust anyone - not even your computer

There's a piece of wisdom I picked up just now. You autopilot setting may be wrong, or influence the course you get when select "Set destination" or whatever. Going from Resbroko to Taff its suggestion was to kill me. Going Hror-Hek-Uttindar-Bei-KABOOM as Hagilur had a 10+ destroyed ships, 15 active pilots and 3+ podded people in the last hour. WTF, 2001 all over? Lucky I was awake (but not awake enough to see I was already in Resbroko, my fav border system). The other route - which is entirely low sec, is (strangely enough) usually much more secure. Check your settings, check your map, check local, scan your environment = stay alive (for at least 1+ week) in low sec.

Then someone suggested going ratting in Taff. Unknown person, unknown risk = good chance of getting podded. Oh well another day when I feel a bit more suicidal mayhaps.

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