måndag 9 mars 2009

Life of a Pirate Queen

This blog will be about my life as a pirate queen. (As if you haven't got that already).

My ultimate goal in life is to manage a trading/mining/r&d corporation somewhere in low sec. By reading this blog you will know how I succeed. I graduated from business school just a week ago, and inspired by a friend of my benefactor quickly headed off into unknown territory. I am currently living somewhere in Metropolis, which, at least for the time being, seems like a decent place to start my career. It is, barely, Minmatar low sec, but still quite empty of people (at least as far as I've had the time to explore). This leads to a - probably - false sense of security. As there are fewer people around here than in a mid sized corp chat, you tend to gate jump without checking pod kills and such trivial issues. Anyway, when venturing closer to more contested space, that needs to end I guess. I've got quite a bit of exploring to do around here first though.

Still, it feels a bit cool, jumping in and out of Empire space like it's nothing to it. Pitty there are no other noobs around to watch this mindless bravado. I noticed yesterday that someone was camping one of the gates to a .4 sec system. Had him in systems trailing a bit behind but I managed to keep one step ahead of him all the way home. That's the upside of having a fast ship, although I need to fix it up so the cap doesn't shut down every two secs or so (my ship, by the way, reminds me of a Farscape episode in which one of the characters had a junk yard ship - and, much like this one, it shut down at irregular and highly inconvenient times). If it was me he was after even, I don't know. Another upside of being noob and having a junk yard ship is that it matters shit if I get blown up. The value of this thing is such that my benefactor could pay for dozens of the silly things in a mornings mining session.

There are quite enough mineral resources close by my station so eventually - if I decide to stay - it could be that it is a very good place to put up something of my own. Who knows. Getting into low sec mining would probably be an easy way of getting a bit of cash flow (apart from blowing up noobs mishappenly dropping into low sec). So far I've gotten by with a donation from someone in another corporation. But as I am completing my first set of missions I am starting to make a bit of cash on my own.

More will follow shortly. I've only been around for a day yet.

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