måndag 30 mars 2009

Perfecting a kill

Waiting for something to happen, I got round to do a bit of belt ratting. Which is incredibly boring unless you try to perfect your PvP technique for you smallest ship. Which is a speed freak really. Amazingly blazing thing, although it needs to be as if it is hit by a paper clip it disintegrates, leaving you out in the cold dark. Rats are a no-brainer though, the only thing remotely amusing with rating, is the time you manage to down them in. At least in highsec. Lowsec is a different matter altogether. We don't have battleship rats in highsec. Oh well Oh well.

I talked to someone yesterday. Looking to go nullsec another road. This one seems to lead absolutely nowhere. And slowly at that. So this being belongs to a nullsec corp which could mayhaps would take me on with a corpmate living in lowsec at the moment. Lets see whatever comes of that. I'm not too optimistic though.

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