söndag 15 mars 2009

A new ship

I got myself a "blow shit up" ship. Which makes me wonder about the ship designers in this universe. This one, I've got now, looks like as if a 18th century warship and an Israeli Uzi met and had a child together. The Bestower looks like a medieval trading ship turned up side down, sans rigging. The Raven - the ever so popular BS - is simply fugly. Damn fugly even. I'll never have one - you may shoot me if I'm ever found in one. It's that ugly.

I've gotten myself into a stash of loot. Won't have to buy ammo for a bit anyway. Which is good. Got a lot of other stuff to play with and fit this beast I've got. So my training queue is up to Tuesday lunch or something like that. Then I'll really be a menace to all misguided noobs on auto into my home. :->

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