måndag 16 mars 2009

Mission grind commences

Did two missions on the morning, one in Taff and one in Uilkin. Appart from blowing up pathetic rats, you have to keep and eye on local to see whoever is in the system, and not linger more than necessary. Fortunately this neck of the universe is more or less friendly most of the time. Apart from yesterday. Inspired by the war in Delve hell seem to have erupted in my area as well. Apparently however, Nakugard, which had the shitload of podkillings is in Empire space, although close by. So probably was a war dec being played out there. Today I've seen three people total - probably the survivors of yesterdays events :) Or not. Whatever.

Anyway halfway decentish pay for starter missions today but it's heck doing it in a "blow shit up" fitting. My pathetic guns need a range of like 5K but then they really do damage. Unfortunately being surrounded by umpteen rats also causes a bit of damage... Eventually fit a medium armor repper to complete the noob hunting kit, but absolutely do need longer range guns for missions.

I found a roid belt with some decent amount of Hedbergite as well today, I'll need to get my other ship back from Empire to fit as a miner and go get some cash.

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