fredag 13 mars 2009

Chasing dolls

I think I'm going to drop my current agent. I've been chasing dolls for four missions now, and mining for dolls in one gaining a total of 25 units of Veldspar. And a doll. And not enough money to make it worthwhile really. Hopefully I'll find another low sec agent shortly.

Talking of money, I found a stash of dead rats in here today. Was about to relieve them of their cargo when the rightful owners appeared on the overview. Getta the heck out of there. Not healthy playing shoplifting (ratlifting?) in 0.1 sec when sitting in this duct tape wreck of a ship. Oh well, oh well my time will come. Need to figure out how to make some cash in this low sec "pocket". Getting slightly desperate and starving. Not really up to join a corp in here just yet. In a few I'm piloting a cruiser anyway so mayhaps I'll go into a bit of "blowing shit up-ing".

Oh my.... I'm a thief, I stole stuff from wrecks. But what is a poor girl to do in a harsh lawless world without any means of making money. I am forced to steal stuff like ammo for my ship and various things to improve it. Can't afford to buy it.
Oh shit ....
............ I'm a thief :-)

My benefactor is moving base so I might be a little late with the next report. But hopefully not. Oh shit - there's a really bad man in here at the moment. I'm holeing up for the time being. Hope to see you later.

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