måndag 16 mars 2009

Chat among rats

Training continues and now my "blow shit up ship" is getting to be a bit of a menace to rats. At least those less than battleships. At least those less than battle cruisers, of which I still haven't found any. For some reason. Dunno why.

So went in search for high sec rats. And found a few which was disposed as quickly as possible. But I need something a bit more long range than my autocannons. These are pretty pathetic, although killing off rats is a no-brainer even with these mounted. My thought was devilishly cunning, but unfortunately the plan failed. I got to a system where someone else was rating, but came just a sec after me. We had a short chat there among the roids. Apparently he'd been chased out of Resbroko by a gang. Not too kind a thing to do I think.... Either he was chased or the chicken got him :) Dunno which. Having seen the usually deserted part of this low sec area, prolly the latter.

Having said that it seems that my home system is populated by the entire population of German mercs. But Taff is usually pretty quite, dunno what they're up to today. Possibly never will know either. Oh well, tomorrow will be another attempt at noob catching.

Pretty interesting, scary stuff goes down here at the moment. For the first time since I moved in here someone tried to pick me off. Checked him out, 25 mill bounty guy. Going after little me... almost pathetic if it wasn't a bit scary - but I got away. Something is definately going down though. Might be that Mr Chicken was pretty right about things in the end. There has been a bunch of ship kills round the system Egmar counts 3 and Resbroko, my usual entry point, as many, all within the last hour. And Nakugard has more than 20 poddings the last hour. Holeing up, covering under a blanket and putting out all candles around the place. No telly tonight. I'm not a home, so don't call. Someone might hear.

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